Aleksei Shevyakov
Main style: Progressive Trance
Favorite styles: Acid Techno, Acid Trance, Classical Crossover, Club House, Drum & Bass, Dub Techno, Electro House, Electro Progressive, Electro Techno, Euro Techno, Funky Techno, Garage, Hard Techno, Hard Trance, Hardcore, Hardstyle, House, Industrial, Minimal Techno, Progressive House, Tech House, Techno, Trance, Tribal House, UK Garage, Vocal House
DJ, clubber, listener since 2010
Performance: from $500 / 1 hour
Location: Russia, YAroslavl
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Aleksei Shevyakoff

    In a small age I scared weird, I think, sounds, such as a squeak or a variety of electronic sounds. Gradually eyed with it, and in 2008 I heard the track in the style of Electro-House and it was called Club Machine, was executed by Igor Rybachek, who became my idol, and from that moment I was, so to speak, fell in love with this music and to this the day it is my constant companion wherever I was not, I wake up and turn on the radio, I go to bed too with music. Then I began to download all the music in these styles and I was wondering how to create it? The answer found in various articles online, and my idol on the page read what program he used. Literally within a short period of time I started to learn the program FL Studio, but was less in the fact that the interface was in English, but they do not own, then I still did not know much about it any crack, keygen, etc., but that did not stop, accompanied by instruction True, too, in English, with the help of an interpreter is less figured out. The thing that would deal with all the tools and effects, it took me about 5 months for about 4-5 hours a day. After that was up unpretentious songs using samples of their demo-projects and clippings from other tracks. In my opinion turned out fine, both for self-made man, then decided to create everything from scratch, chose the long sounds, adjustable pitch, BMP, picking up the melody, but nothing came of it at once, the first tune turned out in about a half months and lasted for 2 minutes, but it had to work much more. While all this is doing for himself, but after a while I decided to post something in the network just like that. Only this year I have decided to register on this site, because the evaluation of the pros and help never hurts, and even the opposite is needed. I hope that I will succeed and will try to do this.

To do this, so that the head was born some melody, and then to write it and the main thing that had the desire, if it is present, then the work will move to the better.

I just wish everyone great success beginning in the work and let them always lucky!

The best feedback
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  • +1
    VYACHESLAV SKETCH  29 October 2012 17:15 #
    + за Транс)
  • +1
    DJ NAZAR ASHGABAT  28 October 2012 18:30 #
    +100!!! Респект!!! Моя поддержка!!!
  • +1
    Algety  14 September 2012 13:22 #
    Здарова!!! Отцени работы!!)))

    Заранее спасибо за внимание! :)
  • +1
    DONE MIKE  11 August 2012 20:28 #
    hi! yeeeah ! +
  • +1
    Rasster  24 July 2012 12:06 #
    Хорошие работы продолжай в том же духе плюс тебе,заходи в гости!!!
  • (user was blacklisted)
  • +1
    Algety  6 April 2012 9:10 #
    Привет!)) Отцени, когда время будет!))) Спасибо!)
    • +1
      Aleksei Shevyakoff  6 April 2012 16:25 #
      Хорошая насыщенная работа!!!
      • +1
        Algety  6 April 2012 20:12 #
        Спасибо!!! )))
  • +1
    DJ Revol  29 March 2012 20:01 #
    Много хороших работ, безусловный + так держать ;)
  • +1
    Неизвестен  27 March 2012 20:56 #
    Лови +)) Надеюсь на взаимность)))
    Aleksei Shevyakoff  9 March 2012 11:25 #


  • +1
    FIRE FLAME  27 February 2012 22:18 #
    + от меня Респект !!!
  • +1
    DJ KM  26 February 2012 18:41 #
    Привет) + тебе в PR ) Гоу в друзья) Надеюсь на взаимность()))
  • +1
    Верный слову (Nsk)  4 February 2012 14:12 #
    Dj Crush Guard  1 February 2012 17:28 #
  • +1
    Dj Crush Guard  1 February 2012 17:26 #
    хорошие темы и отличные работы ++++ от меня=)
  • +1
    Serg Grinov  25 December 2011 1:16 #
    удачи тебе в творчестве!!! ++ в ПР!)
      Aleksei Shevyakoff  25 December 2011 15:05 #
      Спасибо!!! Удача должна сопровождать процесс творчества)))
  • +1
    TGK-MC  30 June 2011 23:30 #
    =) +
  • +1
    DJ SKELET [Bass Rider]  30 June 2011 17:56 #
    +PR начинающим)))Сам такой же!!!Удачи в развитиях и муз.направлениях!!!
  • +1
    g racy  28 June 2011 22:49 #
    Привет, будет время оцени мой новый микс, от меня + тебе на развитие!
      Aleksei Shevyakoff  28 June 2011 23:33 #
      Спасибо за плюс) микс шикарный)
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