Antonio De Korolino
Main style: Minimal Techno
Favorite styles: Lounge, Minimal House, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Psy Chill, Techno, Tribal Techno
DJ, listener since 2005
Performance: 1.5 hours
Location: Russia, Ulyanovsk
Frequent visitor: Пятое солнце (Ulyanovsk)
Was just once: кализей (Sochi)
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рк Арбат, Ulyanovsk, 22:00 // 23 October 2009
Anton Kotoff

Anton Kotoff he Anton Korolev beginner dj which wants to obtain much in this lifes... His(its) диджейская career began in 2005 at 18 years when he has got up first once for Pioneer 500 his(its) this has powerfully delayed and this was his(its) first steps in диджейский world.

The creative group "Unlimit" was founded At November 2005 under my managament. Already at December 2005 was дебютная evening party from "Unlimit Group"? which passed in RK "Arbat". This was and debut for me, exactly on this evening parties I got acquainted since year begins to participate in foresight closed evening party together c Pioneer 500 under the direction of Dj Sastava.

The Desire to play and create has possessed me completely and already one more evening party was organized at February from creative group "Unlimit". the February 17 evening party Sexy Girl took place in RK "Arbat", with male striptease.

проведина Evening party was In 2006 in RK"ISKRA" On she took VWVincrease the frequency of boys from рэп group Carre(U-Fo).

рэн Festival "Rap images" was organized In 2007. The Place of the undertaking all same native RK"ARBAT".On festival присутсвовали all known рэп groups g.Uliyanovska. There was on that to look.

In 2008 in RK"ARBAT" is solved was conduct "Rap images 2" Either as Rap images second подоный festival have delivered the sea of the positive and naturally was successful.

In 2009 перешел on new style progressive house.

DJ this, first of all, actor. And, as any actor, this object of attention, worships, imitations The Imitations in all: in manner of the behaviour, in stiletto, fascinations, preferences 

DJ культовая personality. The Modern dance evening parties collect in Russia before 50 000 persons. All are these people come to see and listen loved DJ. Its skill DJ sinks enormous crowd in created by him world. For several hours he possesses their thought, emotion, motion These sensations, either as image DJ, for a long time remain with listener 

DJ lawmaker of the mode, stiletto and taste. Many DJ conclude the contracts with fashion -an лейблами, emerge on fashion show, write the music for them. Their admirers attentively keep a check on stiletto of the cloth DJ, for that that he пьет that listens, where can be 

DJ leader. He creates atmosphere of the club, will assign the tone to evening party. DJ feels the spirit an танцпола and charges the listeners its energy.

DJ musician. He first will learn of new music релизах. Exactly he creates the stars an танцпола. Exist the hundreds an example, when, due to dance ремиксам, most провальные projects became the hit of the discoes.

DJ professional. His(its) technology of the play requires the most high skill and dexterity (to say nothing of feeling of the rhythm), so that crowd are going to on exhibition to admire quick moving the hands DJ during скрэтча .

    Anton Kotoff  13 May 2012 21:12 #
    Techno - это мой образ жизни.
    Dj PEST aka THE DEEP MAN  4 April 2011 11:23 #
    Хорошие работы, держи плюс! PR++++) заходи комне в гости тоже!!!
    Slava Sneg...  31 March 2011 21:52 #
    Потдерживаю тебя в твоём творчестве =)
    KOOBIQUE  10 August 2010 16:55 #
    Держи + !
    a.way  3 August 2010 19:01 #
    DJ OLEG BAZOOKA г.Ульяновск 5 Солнце  22 March 2010 10:12 #
    + от меня
    Night Sun (Максим Солнечный)  26 January 2010 18:07 #
    ХАЙ земляк)))
    Anton Kotoff  21 November 2009 16:28 #
    все отлично=)
    у каждого свои предпочтения
    CleopatrA22  2 October 2009 12:21 #
    WOW супер Тош!!!!! +
    JennyEmka  22 September 2009 15:11 #
    лови +)))
    Katrin Unona  22 September 2009 8:22 #
    Антоша!!!=)))ты знаешь, я как обычно - только за!=)))))) P/ только надо на уши намутить=)
    FRANKIE MEYER  21 September 2009 14:58 #
    Смотря какая публика собирается.. и что играть. всегда по разному в общем.
    FRANKIE MEYER  21 September 2009 14:07 #
    Dj Alex Leoni  20 August 2009 10:59 #
    Спасибо чувак, рад старатся
    Katrin Unona  28 June 2009 8:41 #
    СУПЕР!!!ЖДУ НАКОНЕЦ КОГДА ТЕБЯ Dj напишут, =))))))миксы просто что то с чем-то!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RULISH RULISH RULISH
    Vladimir83  17 May 2009 13:42 #
    Ё маЁ!!! Этоже Ганджубасов!! WAZZAA!
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