Max Semenov
Main style: Experimental
Favorite styles: Abstract Hip-Hop, Acid, Acid Jazz, Alternative Rap, Ambient, Classical Crossover, Deep Techno, Downtempo, East Coast Rap, Electro, Footwork, Funk, Gangsta Rap, Ghetto House, Ghettotech, Glitch, Hip-hop/Rap, House, Indie Dance, Indie rock, Indietronica, Instrumental, Intelligent, Jazz, Jazz-Rap, Left-field House, Lo-Fi, Minimal Techno, Nu Disco, Nu Jazz, Reggae, Slow Motion House (Disco), Soulful House, Space Disco, Tech House, Techno, Tribal House, Trip-Hop, Turntablism
DJ, producer, listener, group / joint project since 1997
Location: United States, New York
Resident: MadFlat creative lab (Brooklyn), ForwardMotionTheater studios (New York), # 1 Front Street Lounge (Brooklyn)
Guest: DNA (New York), Alana Historical site (Bedford), Monkey Town (New York), Integrated Digital Media Institute of Brooklyn (Brooklyn), FMT Studios (Long Island City), MadFlat creative lab - Brooklyn, NYC (Brooklyn), MadFlat creative lab - Brooklyn, NYC (Brooklyn), MadFlat studios (Brooklyn), People Say FM (Nizhnii Tagil), HolyGunz Tribe studio, NYC (New York), Secret Theater (New York)
Frequent visitor: DANGER PARTY (New York)
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Silent Barn, New York, 06:00 // 3 December 2014
Goodbye Blue Monday, New York, 05:00 // 19 April 2014
Goodbye Blue Monday, New York, 05:00 // 18 April 2013
Pine Box Rock Shop, New York, 04:30 // 10 November 2012
5 POINTZ Graffity Gallery, New York, 23:00 // 28 July 2012

ActivePhaze is the NYC based alter ego of DJ & Producer, Max Semenov. Life-long music aficionado & sounds collector, ActivePhaze began his United States creative adventure upon arrival to Big Apple in 2000 from Russia's most western borders, where he was already one of the most notable electronic & dance music advocates, event organizers, and underground DJs.

ActivePhaze took the NYC DJ world by storm with gigs in downtown Brooklyn's nightspots with VJ VHHG, Manhattan’s Sullivan Room, Spiegel Tent, LeSouk, Pacha, Knitting Factory, Dance New Amsterdam, Nightingale, The Cocktail Room, HighLine, Remote Lounge, to name a few, as well as open turntable events, attending Scratch Academy's classes, and meeting an array of like-minded people, such as "EyeWash" multimedia shows run by Forward Motion Theater (FMT),

In 2012 ActivePhaze joined newly formed multimedia freestyle collective named "Azerbaijan A/V Club" (no conection with the country of the same name), where djing and sound designing came together as one exciting role. Starting in 2013, original releases are distributed via…, mainly thru KHAKI LABEL, as well as many other European imprints.  

ActivePhaze's eclectic styles palette range from hard to minimal, noise to beats, FXs and accapellas, every side of techno & house, ambient, modern classical, and all colors of Jazz. After the first A/V performance together with VJ VHHG, FMT's founders Eric Dunlap and Holly Daggers, invited him to become the resident DJ for Eye Wash. This was a turning point in creative activity and is still the duty of pride and his true interest. The DJ skills of ActivePhaze has branched far beyond dance floors and is used in multiple projects with modern dance theaters, a myriad of visual artists, performers, and fashion designers. Making people dance still remains ActivePhaze’s favorite source of fun and endless joy to share with the audience.

Selected events & Venues:

2006 - 2008 Forward Motion Theater presents "EyeWash" mixed-media series @ Monkey Town, Williamsburg

2006 Spiegel Tent at South Street Seaport w Urban Wash Dance & VJ VHHG

2006 Turning Tables for Coffee Cup Theater season opening

2006   EyeWash @ Hudson Opera House

2006 Essential Wave & Polarlight CD Release Party

2006, 2007, 2008 Annual MoMA Family Festival

2007 Secret Society Wednesdays @ LeSouk Dance Series

2007 MadFlat & EyeWash presents: RED EYE experimental sequence of dance tracks and mixed arts

2007 Sullivan Room presents: KGB Dance Fridays

2007 Brooklyn Sessions @ Living Room


2008 Real Art Ways Gallery's "CREATIVE HOUR"

2008 EyeWash @ *Dance New Amsterdam*

2008 "The Olana Partnership" 6th Annual Summer dance Party


2010 RE-VISION project / residency

2010 Private Underground KOENIGSBERG - the true love event

2010 - weekly residency at # 1 FRONT street venue,  DUMBO/Brooklyn/ NYC

2011 - 2012 ReVision resident

2012 -  ReVision, 5POINTZ, EyeWssh - as of July 

2012 - Present time - Band member (DJ) with 

The history of programming and composing started in 1997 as HolyGun and (later) L'Utopist alter egos, most works of whom are lost and forgotten. All modern works produced under ActivePhaze name are released on several Indi European labels such as Gargan Records, Altai records, KHAKI Label, A/V label ClubChroma, and numerous compilations thruout the world.

In 2012 ActivePhaze joined newly formed multimedia freestyle collective named "Azerbaijan A/V Club" (no conection with the country of the same name), where djing and sound designing came together as one exciting role. Starting in 2013, original releases are distributed via…   Mainly thru KHAKI LABEL, as well as many other European imprints.  

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    Manifique  5 February 2016 5:35 #
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    Лиса  30 June 2015 23:04 #
    два трека купила...пожелание одно - спектры, хочу в будущем видеть хорошие.
  • +1
    Dima X  27 March 2014 21:43 #
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    DJ Andry White  2 June 2012 10:38 #
    +++ тебе в общий за хорошие работы и за старание, заходи в гости, жду взаимности и давай в други))
      ActivePhaze  3 June 2012 4:40 #
      Спасибо, и тебе +++ )))
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    "Electronic fields Radioshow" with Danj (Music about music)  25 March 2012 23:16 #
    Импровизатор от Бога!
      ActivePhaze  8 April 2012 8:40 #
      Спасибо, Соулбраза!
  • +1
    Samogon Aka Solnechniy  7 March 2012 21:58 #
    Спасибо за тусу!)) Все было как всегда на уровне ;)
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    Dj TYoMNY  26 July 2011 15:53 #
    отличные работы!!!))
    +++++ от меня)
    жду в друзья и заходи в гости...=)))
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    Anthony Kvirit  28 April 2011 22:36 #
    Привет, очень давно ничего не выкладывал! …

    Правда звучание разительно отличается от моих прошлых работ. Микс сырой, но переделывать его нет времени.
      ActivePhaze  30 April 2011 21:35 #
      мне понравилось. спасибо! и стилистика осталась твоей
  • +1
    Silver Nail  18 February 2011 13:03 #
    Maksim Good afternoon, I render respect to your person!
      ActivePhaze  23 March 2011 16:59 #
      My friend, i am declaring my respect to you as well! Cheers man!
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    "Electronic fields Radioshow" with Danj (Music about music)  22 September 2010 21:09 #
  • +1
    Anton Aniskin  27 August 2010 19:41 #
    миксы как всегда радуют подборкой материала!
    Artem Zubov  21 August 2010 18:09 #
    привет зацени микс!
    "Electronic fields Radioshow" with Danj (Music about music)  15 June 2010 17:16 #

    "Electronic fields Radioshow" with Danj (Music about music)  9 June 2010 23:52 #
    gradient  28 May 2010 16:53 #
    happy b
    ActivePhaze  4 May 2010 22:35 #
    In the future, it has been discovered that when humans believed they were sleeping, their bodies and consciousness are, in fact, taken over by a unknown element entitled "X". In religion, this entity would be known as the dark forces/evil or in science, it would be known as dark matter. "X" is the negativity (-) in our Universe. There is no way to control it, we can only counterbalance it with an opposing negative force. One of the ways is through Minimal Music and the subsonic sounds it projects.
    Anton Aniskin  27 April 2010 8:53 #
    о, новые работы, сейчас заценим )
    "Electronic fields Radioshow" with Danj (Music about music)  19 April 2010 0:29 #
    Хай Макс!Я думаю тебе будет интерессно

    Anton Aniskin  15 April 2010 15:33 #
    эмбиентная штука:
    ActivePhaze  13 April 2010 5:00 #
    Shouts my man DJ Danj КАЙФ !!! Эксклюзив
    "Electronic fields Radioshow" with Danj (Music about music)  11 April 2010 19:06 #
    Спасибо за отличный гостевой

    VibeLab  13 March 2010 20:45 #
    атмосферное техно:
    Anton Aniskin  12 March 2010 8:53 #
    Label "Sambit" [RU]  11 March 2010 0:30 #
    Независимый лейбл «Sambit»:
    Новый сезон - Новый набор!
    Естественный отбор 2010!

    Подробности тут: …
    FreakDaBass  5 March 2010 23:35 #
    DJJAA  18 February 2010 18:26 #
    Maxdubs  17 February 2010 4:46 #
    Выложил микс ... Интересно твое мнение... PROMODJ
    FreakDaBass  14 February 2010 3:00 #
    Li Hoy  13 February 2010 13:31 #
    Оч хорошие работы! + однозначно!!! HEY DJ
    FreakDaBass  5 February 2010 22:56 #
    тряхнём стариной )))
      ActivePhaze  6 February 2010 9:56 #
      рановато стариной пока скорее выплеснем скопившуюся энергию Wink
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