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Релизы на Ayra Recordings 26 марта 2014


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20 March 2014 16:53

2000-2010 In Review:Breaks@Beatport


Треки  ACCESS DENIED не только попали в топ 10 лучших треков, за весь 2010 год, но и вошли в 10ку лучших треков десятилетия в стиле Breakbeat!!!!!

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27 January 2011 15:27

Best of 2010@ Breaks top 10 Beatport


Трек Publicity еще раз доказал свою состоятельность!

После выхода  Access Granted EP part 1 на iBreaks Records, трек 4ре недели занимал первую позицию в чарте Beatport в жанре Breaksbeat!!!

И вот, теперь попал в топ 10 лучших брейкс треков, за весь 2010 год, по версии Beatport!!!!Yeeess!))


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2 January 2011 21:38

потдержка треков Access Denied от Cyberpunkers и Mustard Pimp!!!



OMGITM Supermix 37 – Cyberpunkers








Mustard Pimp - Catastrophe Mixtape Series Vol 1


Mustard Pimp - Catastrophe Mixtape Series Vol 1 by mustard pimp


Mustard Pimp - Catastrophe Mixtape Series Vol 2


Mustard Pimp - Catastrophe Mixtape Series Vol 2 by mustard pimp

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6 October 2010 13:48
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Here comes the third and final instalment in eastern European duo Access Denied's hugely successful Access Granted series of EPs on iBreaks. After parts one and two blew up every breakbeat chart going, the tech funk heroes drop the massive anthem For All, a firing smackdown of classy vocals, powerful drums and bass to make your brain bubble. On the flip, Autostop blends techy beats with some seriously cool old school elements, uplifting piano, filtered leads and crazy drum patterns combining to make this one pretty special.


by it on beatport



Kickflip-Proper gnarly tech business on For All, wicked tune! Autostop's and nasty but more funky tipped groove also rolls good. Tommy Dash (Ctrl Z /Stereo:Type)-Really like both of these tracks rektchordz-yes! will certainly be playing 'For All' perfect forthe breaks end of my sets!

Nick Drumattic Twins-Access Denied always deliver, there are 2 types of access denied tracks, im really into the funky ones , like AUTOSTOP , full support

Bill Vega-Quality stuff once again

Retroid-Nice vocal on For All, definitely my pick from this!

Lunar Shift-Yet again, another massive release from iBreaks, this series of EPs have been top quality. Both tracks will be getting full support from us.

Skool Of Thought-I like it, off the wall shit.

General Midi-good stuff

Breakonomics-For all is a big big track. Gonna cause some big room mayhem for sure!

Soul of Man-A filthy wall of sound, lovin the Autostop heavy breaks!

Far Too Loud-AD are so on fire with this release!!


DJ MAG Reviews:

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4 October 2010 16:31
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Andrey Mute And Jellyfish-Sweet Acid feat Daniel Man - трек месяца по версии MIX MAG

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3 September 2010 13:17
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Итервью Andrey Mute и Jellyfish для журнала London Street Art Design Magazine(UK)



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13 August 2010 13:29
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Elite Force-The Law Of Life(Access Denied remix)

Elite Force - Law of Life Remixes #2 [UAA037]
Access Denied,Nom De Strip, The Loops of Fury]



ALL OTHER STORES -19th July 2010

Elite Force's huge 'Revamped' project dropped 15 massive bombs on the world back in March, and went on to dominate the Beatport charts in an unprecedented manner, holding all of the the Top 12 places in the breaks chart for close to a month & at one point all of the album tracks were in the Top 50 overall chart.

This second package of remixes of 'The Law of Life' goes out to the electro-heads and features some cracking re-works. First up the ex-Stupid Fresh man and superstar in his own right, Nom de Strip, who smacks up a HUGE wobbling peaktime bit of bidniz with a side order of WHOMP.
The second mix comes from The Loops of Fury, fresh from remixing for the Plumps' new label, and they come in HARD with an epic Boyz-Noise-meets-Chemical-Battle-Weapons mix that is already an anthem in Elite Force's current sets.

Last but by no means least is an amazing mix that goes out to the beat-lovers and features a cracking re-working from Belarussian breaks-king Access Denied, fresh from his own chart-topping exploits with his recent singles.

Laif Magazine Review
Elite Force - Law of Life (Remixes) [U&A Recordings]
Massive remix from Access Denied! This is their best production to date.

Love the Law of Loops!" [Annie Nightingale (Radio One)]
"Oh yeah, the NDS mix will be banged with a vengeance!" [TJR (Potty Mouth)]
"Love the Access Denied mix" [Barry Ashworth (Dub Pistols)]
"Nom De Strip mix is DIRTY!" 5/5 [Santiago & Bushido (Potty Mouth / Various)]
"F*ck! They're all really good! Will play." 5/5 [The Bulgarian (Feta / Jack Union)]
"Nom De Strip smashes it!" [Tod (Stupid Fresh)]
"Access Denied Mix makes me dizzy... is like a great drug!!! BEAST" [J Mekka (iBreaks)]
"Another set of classy rockers!" [Krafty Kuts (Various)]
"Access Denied mix is bananananananas!" 5/5 [Nick Thayer (Passenger / Various)]
"Two of the hottest remixers on the block. Never fail to impress" 5/5 [Aniki (Various)]
"Will be playing this LOUD" 5/5 [DJ Zinc (Various)]
"Access Denied Mix is HEAVY. Will be playing this for sure" [Pete Jordan (iDJ)]
"Steady on my speakers just fell of my wall from the bass of the Access mix, I will be having words at the Wickerman. Huge tunes love the nasty nasty vibes in both and those basslines are just propper!!" [DJ Believe (EQ Magazine)]
"Another massive release! Access Denied will find their way into rotation for sure." [Scott Kirkland (Crystal Method)]
"The Access Denied remix especially is just nasty!" [Dom Smart (Broken Robot / Neurodriver)]
"I'm sucker for the crazy bass-lines! Nice work...congrats! 5/5" [Simply Jeff (Magnetech)]
"I can see more Beatport domination on the cards!" [Vandal (Lot49)]


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6 July 2010 11:07



..Access Denied..'s Access Granted part one, featuring the searing tech funk attitude of Publicity, and backed with a storming remix of Funkdation by label mates BSD, smashed breakbeat charts across the globe, making it to No 1 on the Beatport, Trackitdown and Breakbeatonline breaks charts.

Now the Belarusian duo returns for the second instalment and their second release on iBreaks. Access Granted part two is headed up by 'My Life', an absolute piledriver of a track featuring the hyper-dope vocals of MC Incyte that's destined to get bassbins rumbling from Manchester to Moscow. On the flip, 'Paranoia' lets loose with a twisted old school techy vibe for the heads out there with more leftfield tastes.

This is another absolutely huge release from iBreaks, and a must for any DJ looking for weapons of serious peaktime mass destruction. Get on it!

by it on beatport

carl loben-Rating: 5/5OMG, the Belarus boys are absolutely on fire here. 'My Life' is more dope than
California, and the other two tracks are more than fine DJ tools too. Love 'em.
Henry D - Bombtraxx Records / High Grade Recordings-these boys never fail to deliver!!
Dirty &Acid-great ep, acces denied back again!!!
Farace-These are just nasty! Will rinse them all!
Bill Vega-Sounds fucking great!
Yreane-My life" and "Paranoia" are great track."Desperado" is not so interesting as most of AD tracks but really good too. My fav is "Paranoia". Awesome!
Subtribe Records-Wicked sound! Bomba!
General Midi-Big!
LuQas-Wow - all these tracks really pack a punch.Paranoia ticks the techy boxes for me - will
look forward to playing this out.
Meat Katie-Desperado for me, but a serious package all round!!
Barrcode-Gonna Ripp up the floor with this EP, My Life twists n turns jus the way we like it, all tracks are gonna get played. BIg ups to Access Denied
Skool Of Thought-Good release, like Paranoia
JDS-yeah like desperado will review
Jay Cunning-greta release!
Far Too Loud-Biggidy big big big. Paranoia has been killing it with the breaks crowds
Vandal-Big release. Sure this is going to smash it up.
Soul of Man-Flippin fat, funkin rude!

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24 May 2010 11:18
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