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Breakbeat hardcore Karinka Rave

Record labels

786 Approved

Absolute 2

Awesome Records

Basement Records

Boogie Beat Records




FFrreedom records

Formation Records

Full Effect Recordings

Great Asset

Ibiza Records

Impact Records

J4M Records

Kickin Records


Liquid Wax

Little Giant Music

Luckyspin Records

Moving Shadow

Network Records

Production House Records

Rabbit City recordings

Reinforced Records

Soapbar Records

Strictly Hardcore / Strictly Underground Records

Suburban Base

Triple Helix

Unnatural Light

White House Records

XL Recordings

Notable releases

Acen - Trip to the Moon (Production House Records, PNT 42, 1992)

Altern-8 - Frequency (Network Records, NWKTR 34, 1991)

Awesome 3 - Don't go ( Entity records, 1992)

DJ Krome & Mr. Time - The Slammer (Suburban Base, SUBBASE 26, 1993)

DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Slammin' Vinyl (GUMH 011, 1995)

DJ Seduction - Hardcore Heaven (FFrreedom, TABX 103, 1992)

Foul Play - Finest Illusion (Section 5, 1993)

Harmony & Sweet - Music (Lucky Spin 07, 1993)

Joint Project - Total Feeling (Soapbar Records 001, 1992)

Lords of Acid - Lust (Antler Subway Records, 1991)

Manix - Oblivion (Head in the Clouds) (Reinforced Records, 1991)

Nebula II - Seance / Atheama (Reinforced Records, 1991)

Nookie - Return of Nookie (Reinforced, RIVET 1239, 1993)

The Prodigy - Experience (XL Recordings, XLCD 110, 1992)

The Scientist - The Exorcist (Kickin Records, KICK 001, 1990)

Shades of Rhythm - Shades (ZTT Records, 1992)

Shut Up and Dance - Death Is Not the End (SUAD Records, 1992)

Shut Up and Dance - The Green Man (SUAD Records, 1991)

SL2 - DJ's Take Control (Awesome Records, SL002, 1991)

Sonz of a Loop Da Loop Era - Far Out (Suburban Base, SUBBASE 008, 1991)

Tekno 2 - Jet-Star (d-zone, DANCE 12/DANCE CD12/DANCE 12R, 1991)

Wax Doctor - A New Direction (Jack Smooth, Basement Records, BRSS 0011, 1992)

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Karinka Rave
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UK Hardcore Tutorials UK Hardcore \ Freeform

UK Hardcore Tutorials:

Writing UK Hardcore Riffs & Basic Chord Theory
Making Uk Hardcore Basslines
Making A Fat Supersaw In Sylenth1

Sidechain Silent Kick Trigger
Hardcore & Hard Dance Basics
Cubase & Kontakt Basics
Climbing Bass
Make A Rise In Sylenth

Making A Powerstomp Bass

UK Hardcore Tutorial 1 Electro Hardcore Bass
The Crypt (Vocal Processing Studio Vid)
Robbie-S & Jam - In The Studio (August 08)

Sylenth1 Saw Lead

Gammer Presents - Studio Tidbits [Part1 = Drums]

Alex BassJunkie:
Sylenth Hardcore Lead
'End of the World' Bass
Punchy UK Hardcore Kick

UK Hardcore bass with Sylenth1

Spirit Wolf:
Spirit Wolf makes a UK Hardcore song in FL Studio
Simple Supersaw Tutorial
The Making of My Freeform Hardcore Song: Cannibalism in FL Studio

Tutorial Pride and Pain Kick

Screech Sound Tutorial

Prospect and Pinnacle:
Prospect and Pinnacle In The Studio: The Making of Zombie Nightclub

Joey Riot:
Joey Riot studio tutorial
Making a Hardstyle kick
Gabber/Hardcore kick tutorial

Powerstomp Kick & Bass tutorial

DJ Kurt:
DJ Kurt Studio tip 1 UK Hardcore

DJ Kurt in the studio making UK Hardcore

OhmBoyz delay tutorial by Mark Breeze (from Styles & Breeze)

How to make a uk hardcore melody

Build a basic snare fill

How to make a melody using a bassline
Me Making A UK Hardcore Track in FL Studio

Мастерклассы для журнала Computer Music:
Sy & Unknown Producer Masterclass
Breeze & Styles Producer Masterclass
CLSM Production Masterclass

FL Studio - UK Hardcore Step By Step: Intro, Bass, Breakdown, Build up And Drop, The 2nd Build up, Outro

Tryed N Tested:
How To Make A Basic Hardcore Track (Step 1) альтернативная версия с приподнятым звуком тут

Matty Jones:
Happy Hardcore - Piano Tutorial

Victor Uzunow:
FL Studio Tutorial You're My Angel Darren Styles



Bass tutorial by Modulate / Rocket Pimp with FM8


UK Hardcore melody tutorial |  2011

How To Make A Nice Piano For A Breakdown

How To Make A Uk Hardcore Lead/Riff

Stretching Vocals (Using Channel Settings)

Basics On The Structure Of A Uk Hardcore Track

How To Make A Basic Uk Hardcore Breakdown

What Is EQ?


Few Cubase Tips and Pointers (Black Eyed Peas Remix) - Part 1, Part 2

Dubspot - Chris Petti:

The Petti Test Pt 1: Reverse Engineering 'Hoover' Sound

Rob Williams:

Simple 3 Step Formula For Eqing Vocals


How To EQ Vocals Correctly

Sadowick Production:

Making A Full UK Hardcore Track Start To Finish

Guyver Tutorials 1 Basslines


How To Make A Hypasonic Sounding Bass In Sylenth1


Sylenth.1 - How to make basic Reese Bass

Scan Pro Audio:

Dubstep Snare Reverb with White Noise


How to make a Uk Hardcore bass

How to make a UK Hardcore bassline

DeeJay JJ:

UK Hardcore Sidechain Tutorial

How I Make A Track Part 1

David Gueta:

Masterclass 2012 Rus, Eng


UK Hardcore Percussion Tutorial by Rhythmics

Ry Kennon:

Making the Human Resource Dominator hoover sound on Phututone's Phutura

Origin of the Bizarre Inc - Playing with Knives Stab


Powerstomp Bass | Hardstyle Reverse Bass

How to avoid from kick & bass distortion

Free UK-Hardcore Samples and how to mix them

Vocaloid How to stretch vocal and balance the volume

Туториалы по сведению и мастерингу:

Dave Pensado:

Pensado's Place : Into The Lair (практически все выпуски начиная с первого)


Mastering a Track with FREE Plugins

Видео в которых просто показывают проекты:
Going through my "My Direction" Remix -…
Jekyll in his front room - The First Note Is Silent -…
DJ Scott Brown Livewired Studio -…
K-Complex remix a MIDI file -…
Slikma Making UK hardcore Part 1 -…
Slikma Making UK hardcore Part 2 -…
Scout & Willow - The Domino Effect -…
Bridson & Ganar (all systems go) fc quosh records (peek into project file) -…
DJSlowDance - The Making Of Don't Stop -…
How to get a PHAT BASS -…
Sikma - UK/Freeform Hardcore walkthrough Cubase -…
Uk Hardcore In FL Studio -…
UK Hardcore (Ableton Live) - Ravers United -…
Better Day by Billy Daniel Bunter billy jump remix UK HARDCORE 2010 -…
Using MIDI Files In Ableton Live…
Smack you like a bitch - Darren styles & Recon - Joey Riot…
Joey Riot and Kurt remix Scott Brown…
We are the vampires - Joey Riot remix…
We are the vampires -…
Gammer and Joey Riot in the studio…
Fl Studio 9- Karen Danzig- Hurry Now (V.Ovaload UK Hardcore Rmx)…
Braveheart - Pex L (Uk Hardcore) Fl Studio…
DJ Flare - Ravers Anthem 2009 (UK Hardcore in FL Studio)…
DJTCore - UK Hardcore FLP -…
Pex L - Inversion (Uk Hardcore) Fl Studio Screen -…
Bridson Feat Wizzy G MC - Rave Essentils (Pex L Remix) -…
dan.d trippin uk hardcore -…
dan.d (go) uk hardcore freeform -…
D-Zay feat. Sergey Pikalov - City In Green -…
D-Zay - Toca's Miracle uk hardcore remix (Fragma) -…
Nigel Neptune in the Studio -…
Nigel Neptune in the Studio.AVI -…
'Nigel Neptune - Planet Neptune 2012' Freeform Hardcore in the making -…
Open-mind - Athletic -…
Mr Gee In The Studio - Making a track With (Eufeion) (PART ONE) -…
Mr Gee In The Studio - Making a track With (Eufeion) (PART TWO) -…
New track working on -…
Project N - Begin to fall -…
FL Studio - Breeze vs Lost Witness- Rise Again ( Marcin M. RMX) (MLER#5.1) -…
Close to the edge (remix) -…
Robert Miles-Children(DJ Islamov remix) + flp -…
Damaged - Airplanes -…
Gammers Amazing Studio Tips! -…
Dougal & Gammer - Adventure To Squad E's -…
Mark Slammer & Michael Scout - Studio Day & Acoustic Set (Futureworld Records) -…
A Happy Hardcore Loop -…
Fl Studio 7 - Happyhardcore'ish (почти как Gammer - Rip Roar) -…
FL Studio 10 - DJ Fresh Style Summer Drum & Bass Instrumental (Preview) -…
Darren Styles - Skydivin' (Spirit Wolf Remix) In FL Studio! -…

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