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интернет - радио 4Look, Novosibirsk, 18:00 // 26 September 2010
Progressive Trance
kitchen, Kiev, 00:00 // 12 December 2009
Progressive Trance

Trance (Trance), is perhaps the most ambiguous genre of electronic dance music. Briefly it can be defined as melodic, more or less free style of music on the formation and development of which had an important impact areas such as industrial music (newwave), e-techno-disco of Detroit and psychedelic music of the seventies. Because of the huge variety of directions, formed inside the style of music is quite difficult to identify common features of the genre. However, it should be noted that the tracks in this style is usually characterized by hypnotic elements (hence the name - "trans") and the quality of the anthem. On this basis, a typical trance track can be described as consisting of a special (often cyclical) melodic Party, located above a simple bass line, simple drum loops and a few additional audio elements for the formation of structure and speed.
Aplifting Trance (Uplifting Trance - from the English. «Uplift», «lift") - a modern sub-genres of music format trance. The name of this genre can be explained by the fact that in some songs, appropriate to this genre, there are vysokooktavnye tunes that sound very thin, and beautiful (melodically), such songs like "hover" in the imagination of the listener and the most positive emotional. Speed Aplifting Trance kept at 138-142. These tracks are usually very easy to listen to and perceived, but the songs are quite complex in writing, as well as in content. This sub-genre is often confused with the Melodic trance, but their similarity only in melodic composition, emotion and rhythm. Some fans of trance believe that the ancestor of the sub-genres is the composition Thrillseekers - Synaesthesia, but by modern standards, the concept of Aplifting trance changed in favor of saturation and a multi-tracks.
Trance primarily is - a state of elevation, we can say the flight of the spirit. When a person listens to trance music, he feels euphoric, we Tranc'ery call this "tremor". Often you can find on the forums topics such as: "On this track I have shivers through the body, a condition caused by the positive energy that we have a superb listening to the sounds Trance'a. Hence vytikaet concept - a state of trance ..
....... Trans provides that the infinite love, the happiness with which it will be easier to pass all of life's obstacles and enjoy life, the state of the "beautiful" napolyaet all of you, but because it is so difficult to find, a love of life wakes you soul!
Trance Will Never Die!!!
And I'm ready to play it for you

Влад Журавель
Main style: Vocal Trance
Favorite styles: Progressive Trance, Trance, Uplifting Trance
DJ, radioshow, listener since 2007
Performance: from 600 hryvnas / 2 hours
Location: Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk
Resident: Svarog FM (Nikolsk (Penzenskaya obl.)), Интернет радиостанция 4Look (Novosibirsk)
Guest: трасса Запорожье - Днепропетровск (5 км от Запорожья и 45 км от Днепропетровска), Летная школа (Zaporozhe), Днепропетровск школа N 45 (Dnepropetrovsk), радио Обратная сторона (Saint Petersburg), 4LOOK.ORG (Novosibirsk), Интеренет радио4Look (Dnepropetrovsk), интернет - радио 4Look (Novosibirsk), (Novosibirsk), 109FM (Baikonur), 109Fm (Kiev), (Kiev), Promo Trance @ Radio Show 109 FM [Киев] (Kiev), ESfm; 109fm (Kiev), 109fm (Kiev), 109 FM (Kiev), 109 FM (Dnepropetrovsk), 109FM (Kiev)
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