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Скоро годовщина...
T & T Project

Rookie draft "T & T Project".
Specializing in the styles of Eurodance & Hands Up!
The plans of the project: the production of DJ compilations - "Switch On Mix"

Project participants: DJ Tigr-grand & DJ Tudorian
DJ Tigr-grand:


Tigr-grand career was launched in 2000, in St. Petersburg. The first year DJing in many clubs in the city, playing at the moment, one of the most popular styles - Hands Up. A year later, invited to his radio show on a radio station in the Leningrad region, went to learn all the technical "kitchen " radio activity.In the period since 2004, has actively participated in many projects, my mixes are played under the heading "guest mix" of many DJs all the different programs. Since 2007, carried away by the style Electro House.


DJ Tudorian:

Ivan, Ukraine Melitopol
Beginner DJ, specializing in music style eurodance, began his career in 2010. Participated in local projects to promote eurodance to the masses. Whose purpose was to introduce today's youth culture and identity of music 90's, the ideology of PLUR.

Long friendship with  DJ Tigr-grand and a desire to create a joint project led to the creation of T & T Project, which became responsible for eurodance composes the future of DJ compilations - "Switch On Mix".

Project Goal: apply to people the best mixes in styles Eurodance from 90's & Hands Up! modernity.
We select tracks based on their popular, interesting and quality. Mixes will be released to the important dates / events / holidays.

Dj Tudorian

Contact Information:

Ukraine Melitopol


I like: Музыка, девушки и автомобили

I hate: Расизм, Злых людей, Неадекватов и Рагулей, Осы, Русские дороги, Рано просыпаться.

I recommend: Рекомендуем Eurodance а также PLUR: адекватное ощущение и понимание мира (Peace), порождающее всеобщую безусловную любовь (Love), создаёт уникальное чувство единства (Unity) с окружающими, всей планетой и космосом, и всё это строится на осознанном взаимоуважении (Respect). Быть оптимистами, и слушать "Switch On Mix"

I am interested in: Tigr-grand: Творчеством Robin Brandes (aka Rob Mayth, Dave Darell, Teenagerz, Pimp! Code, Straight Flush, Active One, Azora, Katie Jewels, Spread 'N' Lick, B.S.C. Project). Диджеинг. Качественная музыка. Компьютерные технологии. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tudorian: Eurodance во всех проявлениях а также творчеством многих современных исп, Daft Punk, Ron van den Beuken & Maarten de Jong, Booty Luv, Paul van Dyk и многими другими. Интересуюсь электроникой, аудиотехникой и акустикой, мобильными технологиями, автомобилями состоящими в клубе за 300Км/ч.

I know: Мы знаем что танцевальная музыка будет всегда / We know that dance music will be always

I can: Дарить добро и позитив людям.

Ivan Garmash
Main style: Eurodance
Favorite styles: Dancecore
DJ, clubber, listener since 2011
Performance: from $350 / 3 hours