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Respublica, Odessa, 23:59 // 5 November 2011
Deep House
AGHARTI, Odessa, 22:00 // 5 November 2011
Deep House
AGHARTI, Odessa, 21:00 // 2 November 2011
Deep House
Agharti, Odessa, 21:00 // 31 October 2011
Deep Techno
Goa VIP Club, Odessa, 02:00 // 31 October 2011
Deep Techno
Main style: Techno
Favorite styles: Atmospheric Breaks, Bassline Breaks, Breaks, Downtempo, Electro Progressive, Funk, Progressive Breaks, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Psychedelic breakbeat, Tech House, Tech Trance, Tribal Techno
DJ, promoter, collaborations since 2005
Performance: 2 hours
Location: Ukraine, Odessa
Resident: [ TU:SE ] г.Ильичёвск (Odessa), Студия (Ilichevsk), EMDA @ Domino Techno Club (Odessa)
Guest: Cosmo (Odessa), СкаZка (Odessa), Night Club YO (Odessa), Green (Ilichevsk), т\х Южная Пальмира (Odessa), Bungalo (Ilichevsk), Start (Ilichevsk), open-air Re: Place (Kirovograd), OBOLON Fest (Ilichevsk), Domino (Odessa), GALLERY (Odessa), Metropolis (Ilichevsk), ULTRA (Odessa), XXI век (Odessa), Summer Club ToGo (Odessa), Military (Kishinev), Queen's Club (Odessa), Prime club (Kiev), 2012 (Odessa), Kiss FM (Kiev), WONDERLAND (Odessa), ARLEKIN CLUB (Mariupol), МВЦ (Kiev)
Frequent visitor: республика КаZантип (Evpatoriya)
Was just once: Bazilik (Ilichevsk), Silver (Odessa), Provocateur (Kirovograd)
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867 6 373 PR 17 ▲ 320 Atmospheric Breaks
Океан сновидений... Едва уловимые образы, сменяющие друг друга... Образы, которые... 
1 472 22 947 PR 88,3 ▲ 320 Atmospheric Breaks
Красивая атмосферная музыка... Золотой диск Солнца тонет за горизонтом... Пузырьки... 

ARCHIVE 2007-2010

2 405 22 1 294 PR 54,9 ▲ 320 Breaks
Жесткий и динамичный Big Beat. В миксе собраны лучшие на мой взгляд... 
South Force Project


Dj's of South Force Project are in club business for over five years. They started their

career from the contest in one of the best clubs in Odessa "Yo club". From the outset, the project

participants have high standards of quality and made their first performance in conjunction with

the violinist. It was full Live performance and received the highest scores of professional DJs,

promoters and club audience. An innovative approach has become hallmark of the project.


Since then, there has been a huge amount of events. The participants of South Force Project

played their sets in clubs in their native city, took part in the festival Obolon Beer Fest (Odessa),

were residents of the annual Open Air May Fest (Odessa), participated in charitable events

Rave Session in support of orphanages in Odessa region, toured the largest clubs in the country,

including Beach Club 117 (Feodosiya), Prime (Kiev), Provocateur (Kirovograd), and reached

even to South Africa’s Boom Club (Cape Town), Absa Hotel Club (a unique club of 31st floor

of a skyscraper with sweeping views of the city, stretched under our feet). In addition to club

performances, project participants participated in the exhibition "Light, Sound, Stage” for three

consecutive years, they also are members of EMDA - the development of electronic music in his

hometown of Odessa.


To date, South Force participants are the first ones in Ukraine who presented the latest

development of the revolutionary Professional Controller Emulator for Traktor, based on sensor

technologies, to the public. In January 2011 South Force received the award GEOMETRIA

AWARDS 2011 "Innovation of the Year" for the introduction of high technology in DJing.


South Force are the official artists of Canadian company Smithson & Martin. The

company's staff Smithson & Martin successfully engaged in the development of innovative

dj-controllers based on touch screen panels since 2004. The first development was

MonoTouchLive. The controller has received the highest scores of professionals. Among the

artists who supported the MTL were David Amo and Julio Navas. Their Review was published

in Dj MAG (Spain). Another development of Smithson & Martin was the Emulator for Traktor.

To date, this is the world's first professional multi touch controller, operating on the basis of one

of the best programs for DJ-Traktor NI.


Emulator was successfully presented at NAMM 2011, ADE, SWMC, frankfurt musikmesse

2011. Such stars of world level as ELECTRIXX tested the controller. They also use Emulator for

their performances.


Without exaggeration we can say that this is the most progressive and revolutionary discovery

for DJs and producers in recent times. EMULATOR is the world's first controller, which has no

analogues. It is a transparent multi-touch screen with high resolution, with all the features for a

professional DJ mixer.


Currently, project participants of South Force are project managers and testers of the new DJ

equipment in one of the largest company Art-R dealing with lighting and audio equipment for

night clubs and concert venues. They also are residents of Undertime Records label. During their

performance they use both its own tracks and unreleased materials. South Force collaborates

with the best drum'n'bass promo group of the South of Ukraine “Bass Massive”. Their sets are in

constant rotation on radio stations around the world (2сapitals Paris, Deep Channel Russia, DI



Presentations and performances of the project are always bright club show in conjunction with


the latest technology of DJing. Vision of music which has developed over the years is very

diverse, ranging from the Deep, Lounge, Atmospheric sounding up to uncompromising techno

sets that capture its energy. Repeatedly, after 4-hour sets, a club that had already closed, continue

to work due to the fact that there is no free space while South Force Project is playing their sets!

The audience refuses to leave the dance floor!


Project participants have been experimenting with underground reverberating sound of Psy

Breaks. Something unimaginable has happened during one of Bass Massive’s Event, and the

dance floor was like the epicenter of a nuclear explosion!


But the most important criterion of the project is the quality and careful selection of musical

material from the first performance to nowadays.

The key elements of the project are careful preparation, fine-tuning and testing of the front set.


Each event with the participation of South Force is special, and there are no sets alike. For the

South Force ratings and "cheap popularity" have ceased to be interesting. Creativity should

be creative, and with this approach there is always an audience that appreciates and loves,

because love can only be what is happening to the soul. This approach is yielding results. Project

achievements speak for themselves.




South Force Project in conjunction with the DJ.AM magazine and the Art-R company present

the Emulator on World’s Leading Dance Event Senssation White in Kiev, May 8th, 2011, where

visitors of the festival will witness not only the unique Dj-performance of the project in a special

activity area of ​ the DJ.AM magazine, but will try Emulator in work themselves.


See you on the dance floor....


We know how to make the night bright...


South Force


I like: Ночь - это яркая сторона жизни

I hate: Забывать темные очки дома и возвращаться без них утром

I recommend: Проживать каждую секунду так, как будто она последняя

I can: Аццки жечь!!!

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  • Chumahod  #
  • Jenia White aka Lakosta  #
    отлично !
  • ANDI RAY  #
    Видео - мего!
    Здорово что есть люди, двигающие нашу чуть отставшую клаб-культуру. Пожалуй время возрождения приходит )))
    Так держать.
  • Numall Fix  #
    отличная музыка
  • Namesis  #
    Ребята - красавчики. Давно меня так ни что не радовало. Отличный саунд, отличные работы, отличные Вы... + к вашей бомбе - надеюсь однажды всё взлетит...
  • Oceanica  #
  • FreakDaBass  #
    хэ-хэээй !!! лови pr+ от FreakDaBass'a
    FuCk dRuGs !!! eNjOy the BrEaKbEat
    редко можно встретить толковых диджеев,играющих динамично ломающиеся ритмы.на удивление для себя,открыл сегодня твоё имя.всю свою сознательную жизнь уважал брейкс,и уж тем более приятно будет видеть тебя в друзьях.микс супер,обязательно позже скачаю,а пока плюсую не задумываясь.
  • I.V.N.™  #
    Привет микс ваще в тему ЖЖЖЖЕшь, мне понравилось и сведение и звук и треки отличные, заслуженый +++++)))А и самое главное в други, давно ни кто не радовал таким Бряксом.....
  • PrOxY DJ  #
    TRUE BREKAZ )))))
    Елена Аверина  6 February 2015 0:13 #
    PR+)и в друзья)
    DJ Denis'K  17 August 2012 3:05 #
    Огромный ++++ PR Это лучшее что я слышал )
    DJ NEW JENT  10 January 2012 0:46 #
    и я к вам добрался=))
    mad dick @  17 October 2011 0:11 #
    Chumahod  29 September 2011 10:43 #
    SunRide  16 September 2011 23:49 #
    Привет из Украины!!!Заглянул к вам с сием атмосферным безумием поднять настроение))Приятного прослушивания!
    CDJ S.H.  20 June 2011 17:20 #
    Отличная подача саунд звук и качество, вы меня удивили музыкой и своей работой,удачи в дальнейшем творчестве,к общему и в друзья.
    Dante  8 June 2011 12:18 #



    Mark D (MinimalNarkotic)  23 May 2011 4:38 #
    Yo! + в поддержку =)
    BREAK MAFIA  25 April 2011 18:48 #



  • (user was blacklisted)
      FRAM!  9 April 2011 21:06 #
      ))) vot dal)))
    Synthetic Technology (Official Page)  16 March 2011 22:46 #
    Slesh_Odessa  10 March 2011 9:29 #
    Ilia Sunset  9 March 2011 21:30 #
    Хей Dj! Привет! Предлагаю послушать мой новый микс. Если он тебе понравился то поставь +++ и отпишись как тебе работа!
    Night Element Project  2 March 2011 13:11 #
    Jenia White aka Lakosta  22 February 2011 12:58 #
    отлично !
    Ilia Sunset  20 February 2011 18:02 #
    Привет! Предлагаю тебе послушать мой зимний микс. Если понравилось оставь комментрий и поставь + :) Интересно твое мнение!
    Slesh_Odessa  15 February 2011 23:03 #
    Slaves of Beat  12 February 2011 19:11 #
    Revolut  10 February 2011 0:31 #
    Slaves of Beat  4 February 2011 0:43 #

    Голосуем за наших, не стесняемся ;)
    DJ NEW JENT  26 January 2011 11:20 #
    Ииииха! Ииииха! Ииииха! Ииииха! Ииииха! Ииииха! Ииииха!
    AlexX Jumper  10 January 2011 10:44 #
    Видео абалдеть!!! Молодцы Ребята так держать!!! Ииииха!
    ANDI RAY  25 December 2010 16:32 #
    Видео - мего!
    Здорово что есть люди, двигающие нашу чуть отставшую клаб-культуру. Пожалуй время возрождения приходит )))
    Так держать.
    Numall Fix  29 October 2010 21:33 #
    отличная музыка
    BREAK MAFIA  17 October 2010 22:49 #

    ПРИВ!!! КОММЕНТ френд!!! CHECk IT!!! Спасяб
    Specter  22 September 2010 6:09 #
    MooG  30 August 2010 23:30 #
    Привет мэн, выскажи, что нравиться, что не очень, что хотелось б изменить или что добавить, если не трудо конечно)))

    BREAK MAFIA  10 August 2010 22:22 #

    ммм @ | ILYA MAGIC ex. Break Mafia group |

    Slava Kol  8 July 2010 10:22 #
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