London, Uk. Mute Records, London, 02:58 // 10 March 2011
Drum & Bass
Corrida Club, Kursk, 23:34 // 22 November 2008
SPL Project, Alex K. Mason aka Spielberg


SPL PROJECT - the musical project specialising on music not dancing, and on soundtracks to cinema.

My music - an infinite soundtrack to my life (Alex K. Mason)

Alex K.Mason (an ice crust. Fists Alexander Vladimirovich): - Was born on March, 22nd 1985 in the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Mum the bookkeeper in area police station of the city of Aniva. The daddy the first зам mayor Aniva.

In 2005 has begun solo career in a direction new to – hip-hop. Same year has written down a debut album «696». On one of tracks the clip has been removed. In May of the same year it Has gone to remove спец the reporting on "Evrovidenie2005" who passed in Kiev. Through a floor of year has begun work on the second album in the same direction «VERBAL ATTAK» But the recording of the album has not been finished... But all this was not much in what it could realise itself(himself) as the musician.

In 2006 it was arranged in one of night clubs of Kursk on a post of "Lj" (the person which operates dynamics of light in a disco). There he has got acquainted with absolutely new direction of music for itself(himself) – electronic. Began to be engaged диджеингом. Under the supervision of the senior DJs also has decided to test in role CJ. To begin with wrote that play a dancing. But later has gone on experiment, to mix live and electronic music in one. So the first album of elektronno-experimental music «FROM SUNRISE TO SUNSET» (From a dawn, to a decline) was born. In this album musical styles such as – the House, dramas энд бэйс have been united some, a break of the bats, all it mixed up with a sound of violins, guitars, the piano. In an operating time over this album, he has understood that its music became similar to soundtracks to cinema. Because at many started to appear in a head of "picture" and images. At once behind it work on an album exclusively in the club style, popular then an electrohouse – “MY SWEET WASSABI” has begun. After its presentation in club, later 3 months, work on the next experimental album «FAST WORLD» has begun. The track "Spring" From this album became a soundtrack to a film "Shelter in B" the Norwegian director Junaka the Letter.

In 2008 album “IDIOT DREAMS” has been written down - the experimental sound was warmed up by live sounding of an electroguitar, piano, and live violins. Dry flat shock parties have betrayed synthetic, and during too time difficult dynamic sounding to tracks. The album was very heavy for perception on hearing. Alex wished to show dreams of the idiot how he them saw. Even now he cannot hear to the creation completely.

And further there has come creative crisis which year has lasted almost. There were attempts to write, but they in what did not result, to steam of separate tracks and remixes left in listening, dispersed by mobile phones. But he recognised nothing, to it that it was not pleasant. It lasted, while he has not got acquainted with the muse. She was called by Lera, right after acquaintances he has written the first track which was called «From My Feelings» And when has understood that has grown fond, it was overflowed with feelings on so many that he began to write every day. And work on a new album which he has decided to name «RAY LIGHT» (Ray of light) has begun. Now a music writing already заканчино, мвесте with data. But ahead still the big and long road on musical waves, after all the main soundtrack by his life is not written yet.

He has worked with artists:

5-I The Republic of France (Rap)

Future Memories (Pop Rock)

MC Tushkan (Rap)

BlokShot (Rap)

Roland Ezid (Rap & RNB)

Temp Wind (Rap)

DJ Les'kov (Techno)

DJ Aramit (Techno)

DJ CherepaX (House)

DJ Dan Fader (House, Progressive House)

DJ RomaNo (Trance, House)

DJ OrBeat (Progressive House)


Placebo-Twenty Years (Big Beat mix)

RadioHead - Everything in It's Right Place (Experemental, Techno)

PPK - (PSY mix)

Future Memories - Strangers (D'n'B alternative mix)

MC Tushkan - Kursk (MainStream mix)

Basteroid - Error Del Disco (psy trance mix)

Clint Mensal - Summer Overture (OST Requiem of a Dream) (Drum'n'Bass & Big Beat rmx's)

Hi Teck - S.O.S. (Electro house mix)

Inna - Hot (Breaks & Progressive House rmx's)

Pyotr Tchaikovsky - Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy "The Nutcracker", (Drum'n'Bass rmx)

And Other's

A little chronology of the career

2001 - assembled a group of Expansion

2002 - became the laureates of the international rock festival

2003 - He left his native island and moved to the city of Kursk

2003 - Tattoo artist in the beauty salon "Kuafyur"

2004 - artist-designer, RA "SANTA"

2005 - Operator-video director channel STS

2005 - received the nick name - Spielberg (today)

2005 - Their debut album "696" (hip-hop)

2005 - Delete the first clip for the song "True Life" album "696" (hip-hop)

2006 - recorded a second album "Verbal Attack" (hip-hop & rap) (not finished)

2006 - Laytdzhey club "Corrida Club" (present)

2006 - recorded the first electron instruimentalny album "From Sunrise to Sunset"

2006 - Registered as SPL Project

2007 - recorded the album "My Sweet Wassaby" (electro mix)

2007 - recorded the album "Fast World" (Experimental) track "Spring" is taken as the OST "Shelter in B".

2008 - Became FE, opened his photo studio, and recording studio IMR (Ice Music Records).

2008 - recorded the album "Idiot Dreams" (Experimental)

2008 - recorded a Christmas mix "X-MAS mix" (Drum'n'Bass hip-hop mix)

2009 - Member of the Union of Journalists of Russia, BildRedaktor "Good News".

2009 - Finished work on the album "Ray Light" (Experimental (release of the album 02.2010)

Musical Influences

Yann Tiersen, Clint Mensal, The Prodigy, The Verve, Placebo, Chemical Brothers, Blur, Mob Deep, Moby.

The main musical directions in which working.

Drum'n'Bass, JazzStep, Experimental, Big-Beat, Break-Beat, Down Tempo, Lounge, Instrumental, Breaks, Hip-Hop, House.

Main style: Drum & Bass
Favorite styles: Alternative Rap, Alternative Rock, Big Beat, Big Room House, Breaks, Britpop, Classical Crossover, Deep Techno, Downtempo, Drumfunk, Dubstep, Dutch House, Experimental, Gangsta Rap, Glitch Hop, Hip-hop/Rap, House, Instrumental, Jazzstep, Jump Up, Lounge, Minimal Techno, Neurofunk, Nu metal, Progressive Breaks, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Psy Trance, Ragga Jungle, Reggae, Rock, Tech House, Techno, Trance
DJ, producer, promoter, clubber, listener, collaborations since 2005
Performance: from 30 000 rubles / 2 hours
Location: Russia, Kursk
Resident: Corrida Club (Kursk)
Guest: Hard Rock cafe (Moscow), НК Дайв (YUzhno-Sahalinsk)
Frequent visitor: Matrix Club (Kursk)
Was just once: Версаль (Orel), Карамель. (Kiev), Ночной клуб Часы , мегакомплекс ГРИНН (Orel)
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