RUNE CHILL family >> Alex :: Dima :: Denis :: Hirotaka
Main style: Chillout
Favorite styles: Ambient, Atmospheric Breaks, Breaks, Downtempo, Dubstep, IDM, Progressive Breaks, Psy Chill, Trip-Hop
Location: Ukraine
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RUNE CHILL Recordings

RUNE CHILL Recordings – это молодой украинский лейбл, созданный по опыту предшественника RUNE Recordings и следующий самостоятельным творческим путем.

Основной посыл RUNE CHILL – в формировании цельной личности каждого, кто приобщился к музыке экспериментальных направлений: chill out, lounge, acid jazz, psychill, downtempo, glitch hop, hip hop, trip hop и других жанров. 

В любви к Слушателю семья RUNE CHILL делает качественную музыку для комфортного отдыха и хорошего настроения. Вам служит коллектив благородных профессионалов:

• Александр Жихарев aka Parallax Breakz – идеолог, резидент и дизайнер;
• Дима Павленко aka D_FAST – A&R, копирайтер, промоутер, лейбл-менеджер стратегического планирования;
• Денис Ананич aka Project «?!» - A&R, резидент и лейбл-менеджер по работе с релизами;
• Hirotaka Kawano aka Kawatin – резидент и мастеринг-инженер.

Среди музыкантов RUNE CHILL следует выделить:

• Art Project ?! (Belarus); 
• Andrew StetS (Ukraine); 
• Dmitriy Samoylenko (Ukraine); 
• Disept (Ukraine); 
• Fungus (Russia); 
• Kawatin (Japan); 
• Lime Time (Russia); 
• Mongoose (Hungary); 
• Olexa (Ukraine); 
• Parallax Breakz (Ukraine); 
• Taras Bazeev (Ukraine).

Принимая силу и мудрость отчего лейбла, RUNE CHILL Recordings стремится к благополучию собственной стезей. Как в изобразительном, так и музыкальном аспектах прослеживается сосредоточенность и спокойствие, ведущие к зрелой самодостаточности. Здесь и сейчас берет свое начало дорога длиною в жизнь.

Мы любим вас, друзья! : )


RUNECHILL005: Affective - 'Still Believe' EP

RUNE CHILL :: Still believe.

"Чудеса там, где в них верят, и чем больше верят, тем чаще они случаются." (Дени Дидро)

Иначе говоря, открытия постижимы лишь подготовленному уму. По знанию и вере счастливый случай находит человека, часто, даруя больше предполагаемого. Вера - способность ума. Вера - это признак души.

RUNECHILL005: Affective - 'Still Believe' EP в продаже на BEATPORT »

Приятного прослушивания, Друзья. : )

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RUNECHILL004: "Disept - Memoirs EP


We glad to introduce you the 4th release of RUNE CHILL recordings.

RUNECHILL004: "Disept - Memoirs EP"
Disept - Tears of the Sun
Disept - Memoirs
Disept - Heartbeat

«Ideas have no premiers, they occur only in written plays.» (Julia Cameron, 'The Artist's Way')

This is the truth of the bold and the paradox of a shy author. The first is given to the process, trusting the creative energy, the second - in the fear of losing himself, yielding to prejudice of caring about outcome. The risky Disept follows the creative flow and finds himself in the music. His debut release on RUNE CHILL is melodic promise in his memoirs and touches the heart of every listener.

The first page of the narrative is Disept’s song 'Tears of the Sun'. A nice story that reflects the author's humble nature, his calmness and cheerfulness.

The title track ‘Memoirs’ follows. A sad motive - a transition in the way of a happy reality. Common enthusiasm and positive attitude - these make up a confident personality in each one of us.

The heart is the source of love and kindness of man. Everything in the world is rhythmic - and Artem’s pulse corresponds to the measured course of the track 'Heartbeat'.

The family at RUNE CHILL Recordings congratulates Disept with his premiere at the label and wants to preserve the power of thought, as it is in the 'Memoirs' EP.



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28 August 2012 20:40
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RUNECHILL003: Mongoose - 'Power to Us' EP


We glad to introduce you the 3rd release of RUNE CHILL recordings.

RUNECHILL003: "Mongoose - Power to Us EP"
Mongoose - Comin' Alive
Mongoose - Power to Us
Mongoose - Dragon Slayer

«He who overcomes others is strong. He who overcomes himself is mighty.» (Lao Tzu)

At a certain stage of evolution of the soul, passion and aggression become powerful incentives to action. In our arrogance we become successful, receive the desired recognition, credibility, an influential status. Next comes the consciousness of the true values - the joy of contemplation and inner love to the whole world. Thus, grinding our Ego to powder, we nurture a happy harmonious personality, and this is exactly what tells us the most recent release of the label RUNECHILL003: Mongoose - 'Power to Us' EP.

Mongoose’s active energy finds realization in the summer track 'Comin' Alive', which fills the welcoming of sunrise with happiness of the stylish glitch hop rhythms.

The main track release 'Power to Us' – is a musical mediator, through which Peter gifts us a noble part of himself and gives us hope for a brighter future. The strength is within us.

All things are subjective to time, as the rising sun has a sunset. Realizing the value of the moment, Peter symbolically sums up the release with the track 'Dragon Slayer'.

RUNECHILL003: Mongoose - 'Power to Us' EP - it's your lucky summer, full of light and love. We sincerely wish our listener peace of mind and emotional balance.



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28 August 2012 20:37
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RUNECHILL002: "Taras Bazeev - Alina"

We glad to introduce you the 2nd release of RUNE CHILL recordings.


RUNECHILL002: "Taras Bazeev - Alina"

 01.Taras Bazeev feat. Mariya Bonasera - Hole In The Sky

 02.Taras Bazeev - Mother

 03.Taras Bazeev feat. Andrew Popov - Time

 04.Taras Bazeev - Neapolis

 05.Taras Bazeev - The Darkness Friday Night

 06.Taras Bazeev - Game of Life

 07.Taras Bazeev - Marsel

 08.Taras Bazeev - Alina


«A wise creates laws, and by them a fool is limited.» (Shang Yang)


 Thus came the echo of the nature RUNE CHILL recordings from Ancient China. The great philosopher Shang Yang exactly delivered the idea of a modern album «RUNECHILL002: Taras Bazeev - Alina». A collection works of Ukrainian artist - this is a strong motivational push, to anyone who suffered the pain of loss,  stumbled in the next step on the path of personal evolution or was lost in the chaotic flow of a thought.


 Album «Alina» can be said in short: a sense - the voice of the soul, a feeling - a review of the body. Resident label Taras Bazeev translates to every man his understanding of music, the aim of which is excitation the true feelings and body sensations activation. In love, we find everything.


 Family of RUNE CHILL is swimming against the flow of commercial and complete business-orientation of music. We create laws that are valid for our environment, to be precise – are back to the origins of the creative promoting of music talents. Join on board, friends! ;)






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28 August 2012 20:34
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RUNECHILL001: "Kawatin - Recovery of Lost Function



 We glad to introduce you the 1st release of RUNE CHILL recordings.


 RUNECHILL001: "Kawatin - Recovery of Lost Function"

 01. Inside Transmitter

 02. Gravity Lock

 03. Nocturnal Delirium

 04. Unknown Location

 05. Bird Guide

 06. Beautiful Weather

 07. Voice Activation

 08. Recovery of Lost Function


 «Anger is natural. Sorrow is acceptable. Curing is obligatory. Renewal is always possible.» (Unknown author)


 The history of the new creative group RUNE CHILL recordings starts from the country where the day is born first with the sunrise.


 Oriental wisdom and sensibleness – are the strong base the album «Recovery of Lost Function» of Japanese Kawatin is created on. We are glad to start the new label just with this album.


 Life is transition. Though even black-and-white but transition. We feel love and joy when we are on the white strip, when we step to the black strip we suffer a loss pain and feel fear. Usually we estimate situation instead of enduring life with gratitude and confidence that it is really a transition.


 «Anger is natural. Sorrow is acceptable. Curing is obligatory. Renewal is always possible.» The whole album «Recovery of Lost Function» is in these words. Hirotaka broadcasts a Universal variety through deep understanding of music. RUNE CHILL family sincerely hopes that the first release of the label will become for you a starting point of consciousness travel through open spaces of the many-sided World.






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