Dj Ilya Nrav

Резидент и АРТ менеджер клуба iceBeRG (г. Ярослаль).
Музыкальные предпочтения: tech house / minimal & techno.
Владелец собственного лейбла OPTIC records, деятельность которого заключается в изданиеи электронной музыки на весь мир. Организация промоушен вечеринок.
Играл на одной сцене с такими артистами как Арам Мантана, Иван Рудык, Скобер, Трик энд Кьюбик, Мунбим, Фази Хэир, Спартак, Дино Рамирез, Фреза & Флэш, Кофербойз, Антон Ньюмарк, Крисс Скот, Бруно, Кирилов, Сухов, Вайпер, Полина, Бобров, Элизабэт, Михаэлис, Джон Да Сильва и множеством другим.
Илья удивит вас!

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DJ Ilya Nrav is developing successfully as a musician. He writes dance music and makes remixes. In his baggage there are several releases on labels of Russia. He cooperates with the leading musicians and promoters of Russia. Some tracks were written to the official CD collections, which had been made by Ilya himself together with his friends. Some tracks were also broadcasted on the radio. DJ Ilya Nrav participated in the festival “Doors to Summer”, in which Ilya was the representative of his own city Yaroslavl. The tracks of his own Ilya prefers to make in the style of Minimal-Tech, but there are also some successful works in Progressive style. As a DJ he has played since 2004. He likes to play both on CDs and vinyl plates. In his sets he brings a kind of relax to the public and at the same time drives it mad by the charge and rhythm of his tracks. He is inclined to believe that the work of DJ needs a great responsibility. The creation of the right atmosphere in the club influences also on the course of the whole party. The behavior of the DJ during his play is also very important. Ilya is a very emotional person both in life and on the stage. When a set is playing, he enjoys himself to the full together with the others and feels the dance floor; he can jump to the stage and clap his hands together with the public. Musical preferences: Ilya Nrav likes progressive house with strong bit and good bass line, and also some things of electrohouse. He considers that soon on the best dance floors of Russia will be rated mainly MINIMAL-Tech. Ilya himself likes this style very much and reorganizes dance floors to this kind of music.

Илья Нрав
Favorite styles: Deep House, Deep Techno, Electro House, Minimal Techno, Progressive House, Techno, Tribal House
DJ, producer, listener
Location: Russia, YAroslavl
Guest: IceBeRG (YAroslavl)
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