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Nikita Che

The story of Nikita Che starts at 1997 when he has got on the electronic party in the cinema-club “Spartak”. It was the unforgettable techno-party under leadership of great-DJ Lena Popova.


His love to electronic music has increased after meeting with drum'n'bass from DJ Boomer and Took. And further was – clubs Tunnel, Mama, Griboedov…Every-weekend actions from "Da bass"- promo have made Nikita the full fanatic of a fast broken rhythm. In 2002 Nikita buys first turntables and starts to play all conditions of house music. But already then he has started to insert into the mixes break-beat hits from such groups as The Prodigy, Propellerheads, Chemical Brothers, Stanton Warriors, Orbital…


In 2003 Nikita creates promo-group The main idea of this project is countryside situation of action and thematic occasions with dress-code. NikitaChe acted as the dj-resident and art-director in these parties.


2002-2008 Year. The participant of one of the most popular electronic festivals of the world – «Kazantip». Unforgettable sets of Atomic Hooligan have completely turned Nikita's preferences to broken rhythms.


2005-2008. Being the greater fan of snowboarding - organizes some parties on resorts «Snegny» and «Zolotaya Dolina» (Saint-Petersburg). These actions are dedicated to snowboard-contests. 2006 – the first breaks party at Kirovsk (ski-resort at Murmansk area, Russia). It’s a real Mekka of Russian snowboarding and Nikita became the first break-beat DJ who burns on it! That is why, in 2008 Nikita has been invited to open snowboard-camp «Vans» in Kirovsk. Then In 2009 he becomes the resident of parties of snowboard-camp sponsored by company DC - "DC.Kirovsk.Lab 2009" ( Overflown dance-floor and masses of jumping people made him a most expected guest in Kirovsk.


April 2008. Along side with «13breakz»- promo group (Dj Spectr, Vibespirit), Nikita makes the first «only-breakbeat party» in «Avant» - club, Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Than, in august he makes a "Kick te rhythm" - break-beat event in legendarial club "Griboedov".


For today, Nikita - completely taken place dj, who uses in his performances all arsenal of modern dj-ing technic’s opportunities. The basic direction which prevails in his sets – is break-beat in its all variety. Nikita's each new mix always surprises with unexpected turns: changing rate, using various interesting skills of mixing and scratching, he manages to pass from powerful break-beat to funky old-school hip-hop and back.


If we talking about creative prospects of Nikita, first of all – it’s a writing of own tracks with classical break-beat-sounding, and also compositions with more underground waves.

Nikita Chaikovsky
Main style: Breaks
Favorite styles: 8-bit, Ambient, Big Beat, Downtempo, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, House
DJ, producer, promoter, listener since 2001
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