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Engage in writing electronic music and Drum & Bass, I began at once. It all started far hairy 2004, when my friend and I were recording a cassette tape recorder for guitar and sang all nonsense. I began to realize that a good sense of music and rhythm, and closer to 2005, we created a team where I have been extremely vocal. At the same time I started to get the Chemical Brothers and Prodigy, and thought that it would be nice to introduce electronics in our songs. Soon the group broke up, and I decided to do electronic music, bought a tutorial piano, MIDI keyboard, connect it via MIDI to FL 5, to get deeper into the sequencer, and started writing tracks (MMiKE - Are You Ready one of the tracks of the time .) Parallel to this was involved in hip-hop project Platers Band, where he wrote music and was one of the MC, but I soon realized that this style is not my project, and soon collapsed. 2007, I continued the study of Drum & Bass, vengeance heard of such giants as NOISIA, Pendulum, loved tracks Besa, a huge number of ideas and tracks (MMiKE - Dirty one of them) as time went on I became more experienced ... Approximately in 2009 received an offer from a group Fild, which played alternative music, try to mix electronic samples with an alternative, by the time I had a Pioneer CDJ 200, and I agreed, and recorded samples on the computer and put them with him during rehearsals, later bought turntables Numark and remote control, scratching did with the Soviet vinyl with fairy tales. (MMiKE - Mmike's Track):) The group soon broke up, and I went back to his favorite style, of course some - Drum & Bass!!! Bought a laptop, Korg Kaos Pad, a new console, and began to think seriously about reducing, and in 2010 managed to reassemble Fild (guitarist tried), and begin rehearsals, and now electronic music was already in the foreground, were gaps in the tracks where the music was changing inserts slow drum and bass written by me in FL9, produces a very interesting style, but soon all again damped, The band began to go about their business, to hammer the bolt at the rehearsal, and I was determined to no longer engage in alternative ... Now I have continued to do so than to stop, ie sent svyu energy on something that has always inspired me and always liked it, I collect records only Drum & Bass, learning note, writing music in this style, I want to learn the DMC, has recently started to get 8 bit, there were corresponding tracks (MMiKE - 8 Bit Enough To Happiness ), constantly learning new plug-ins, create derivative works ... 

PS Many thanks for reading the stories, unless of course read to the end, send players (who prefer the style I hope everyone understood), I shall always happy to listen and if possible otkomentitsya. Everyone PEACE



Mike Pryan
Main style: Drum & Bass
Favorite styles: 8-bit, Neurofunk
DJ, producer since 2005
Performance: 30 min
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