Hey :)

I'm Xenia and I'm going to tell you about something I really enjoy for about 10 years now.

There's really no story about it.

I mean that there was some interest in it, but I wasn't born with the thought of writing tunes, no.

It started out with my bro's love of music and his strong will in trying to produce something by himself. Being an 11-yo girl I heard his first tracks and felt that I want to express myself via music too. So my bro Davix ( God bless his patience ) taught me to do that.

That's how it started. Because of some hardware failures, all my first projects were lost. Each time I thought of giving up, but later these thoughts disappeared :)

I've always had a thing for broken beats. At first I made some experimental tunes, but some time later I took my first attempt to make dnb. Approx in this period 'LostGeneration' nickname appeared.

Tried myself as a dj in 2004/2005, playing mainly on private parties. Since that I took part in many events on the territory of Estonia and co-produced some fine tunes with Andy Malex and SLK Project, that were included into several compilation CDs. Why so few? Well, I'm glad many ppl like what I'm making, but I feel there is still quite a few things that need to be improved before taking over the big scene :)

Was also a resident of 'D-Station' radio show (DFM / Tallinn).

Today music remains as a hobby for me and the best way to express emotions. ;]

Main style: Drum & Bass
DJ, producer since 2001
Location: Estonia, Tallin
Guest: Ibiza (Tallin), Loksa Beach (Tallin)
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