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Lis Chetson
Main style: Techno
Favorite styles: Breaks, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Hardstyle, Minimal Techno
DJ, producer, clubber since 2003
Performance: from 1 000 rubles / 1.5 hours
Location: Russia, Kurgan
Resident: Корсар (Kurgan)
Guest: арт-клуб «Van Gogh» (Kurgan), КусТЫ (Kurgan), Galaxy (Kurgan), Академия (Kurgan), НК Декс (Kurgan)
Frequent visitor: DJ Bar Paradis (Kurgan)
Was just once: Н/К Маракеш (Kurgan)
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Декс, Kurgan, 19:00 // 26 December 2008
Декс, Kurgan, 21:00 // 26 September 2008
Декс, Kurgan, 07:00 // 19 April 2008
Electro House
Декс, Kurgan, 07:00 // 12 April 2008
Живу как хочу

The early beginning

Being 13 years old, after receiving my OWN PC as a birthday present, I didn't turn into a game-addict, as it usuallly happened with others, though there was a chance for them to realize themselves either. Instead of that I began to ask my friends and comrates for a help in tons-of-music-soft search and finally I got what i had needed - the peak of Evolution Mountain - "e-jay 3". From that moment my career as a CJ has begun and my dream of a worldwide fame and confession came 2 inches closer to me.

First experience

After some time I realized that I won't get further with only "e-jay3". The searches of more improved programs were begun - and they succeeded. To my surprise by that time a huge number of my-level soft, like "Techno 4" and "Cance 6" by my favourite E-Jay company, had appeared. I began to master those programs, with opened for me new horizons, but, as I can see now, not the most spacious even by then.

February, 2006

Why February? It's simple! Cause exactly then I finally found my own instrument which was able to satisfy all my needs of creation the new sounds. It was "FL Studio 5". The first sequensor which met my hands. It was pretty easy to master it 'cause something similar had already been in "Techno 4" as an additional application, and even "Dance 6\7" had some sequensor plugins for creating ones own primitive samples. But in "Fl Studio 5" it was more professional and detailized. From that moment my True Creation Period has begun.

A little later

Time passed, skills sharpened, knowledges appeared, tracks were written. The base of knowledges was created, materials accumulated, priceless experience was acquired, even some fans appeared in close circles. All of it could not not make happy. That time I began visiting clubs. Yes, I was not even 18, as well as lots of newbie deejays were when they came to their first party at first time. It warmed up for obtaining a fame in a musical sphere even more. I began increasing all my knowledges.


Fall of 2007, October, 5. Closed Underground night party at autowashing. I'm invited to play jointly with an electronic project "Keep Ur Gun". Exceptionally own tracks. Most of them were exhibited at this resource. As well as relies - after the first fight - a calm down.

March, 2008

March of year 2008 - I'm invited as a participant of a promogroup Vozrojdenie, which had been arranging parties in the city for already two years. After a while I take part in organizing events as a designer. And a little later already as DJ.

Year 2008

March, 21 - opening of a new dance season by the Vozrojdenie project (details in a Playbill)

March, 28 - the second evening-party of Vozrojdenie (For some technical reasons I didn't get to a Playbill)

April, 11 - a closed evening-party of Pro 100 Party.

April, 18 - a mega-event of Multi Style Night - a closed evening-party with participation of one of the best deejays of the city - DJ Crush.

May, 23 - Friday evening-party from the Vozrojdenie promo group

June, 6 - pitifulyl rejected Hardcore and Drum & Bass party

After that 2 years-old project's life has finished and all the participants went on single.

I like: working, DJ'ing in clubs, composing music, listening to outstanding tracks, minimal techno, Jumping dancing, X-Outing, night events, live concerts, remix making

I hate: mistrust, egocentered people, bad music, grayness, routine

I recommend: to listen to different music styles, to go in for self-development, to create, to read various tutorials, to be communicable

I take interest: DJ'ing, clubs, good and high-quality music, travelling

I know: Fl Studio, Ableton, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, track-connection technology, tack-composing technology, where to get good music, how to make a beautiful Playbill, design, programming, web-programming, flash animation

I can: create web-sites, connect tracks, compose tracks on Fl Studio, create a flash animation for web-sites, set computer hard-/software

I like: работать, играть в клубе, писать музыку, слушать отличные треки, minimal techno, танцевать джампинг, X-Outing, ночные мероприятия, живое выступление, делать ремиксы

I hate: недоверие, самовлюблённых людей, плохую музыку, серость, повседневность

I recommend: слушать разные направления музыки, заниматся саморазвитием, творить, читать разные туториалы, быть комуникабельными

I am interested in: диджеингом, клубами, хорошей качаственной музыкой, поездками в другие города

I know: Fl Studio, Ableton, Photoshop, Dreamwiwer, Adobe Flash, технологию сведения, технологию написания треков, где достать хорошую музыку, как сделать красивую афишу, дизайн, програмирование, веб-програмирование, флэш анимацию

I can: создавать сайты, писать треки на FL Studio, Сводить на Ableton, создавать флеш анимацию к сайтам, настраивать компьютерное оборудование

    Ivan Al'Ive (Ivan Lobanov)  6 July 2012 23:55 #
    Max Maiskii  14 April 2010 14:03 #
    ♥ Dj Oliss ♥  26 February 2010 0:30 #
    Приветик, Кирюш!) Я так по вам скучааааааааююююююююю!!!!!!!!! !! ))
    художник17  4 January 2010 21:43 #
    От всей души желаю лично, Чтоб, как домашнему коту, Тебе всегда жилось отлично И на работе, и в быту!C ДНЁМ РОЖДЕНЬЯ !!!
    Tonnie Fox  4 January 2010 17:04 #
    Хэй хэй бро! С днём рождения ещё раз!)
    художник17  1 January 2010 19:26 #
    C новым 2010! годом!!!!
    Tonnie Fox  22 December 2009 17:29 #

    чек чек
    Max Maiskii  21 December 2009 9:05 #
    Tonnie Fox  13 December 2009 13:57 #
    Так ты ещё и пишешь?!)) Мужик!
    djg-soul  5 December 2009 11:44 #
    D. Vice  30 August 2009 15:12 #
    + и во френды Wink
    Cyril D'Ex  9 August 2009 11:59 #
    Пошли в друзья)))
    Черин  5 July 2009 18:27 #
    HEY DJ Талантливый мальчик!!! BEST
    художник17  16 June 2009 10:19 #
    неплохо удачи+от меня
    Черин  6 May 2009 16:11 #
    + тебе и в други!!!
    dj "JeS"  3 May 2009 17:51 #
    Спасиб очто оценил работу))
    Vitalya Tenkoff [ E.L. DJ's ]  26 March 2009 13:17 #
    КРУТО в друзья земляк!)
    DJ Mikе  20 February 2009 19:17 #
    Кирилл Козлов (People Revolt Records)  4 January 2009 14:56 #
    Дима Gens  4 January 2009 14:12 #
    привет заходи))цени треки)))

    я думаю понравится

    (ПЛИЗЗЗЗ КОМЕНТЬ!!!))))))))))))
    Dima Leon4ik  4 January 2009 10:17 #
    С днем рождения тебя!! желаю по больше качественной музыки и не какой попсы))))))
    Mr.Dee  4 January 2009 0:18 #
    С Днём Рождения!!!!!!! WOW WAZZAA!
    Barbaros Akbingul  30 December 2008 22:15 #
    С Новым Годом!!!
    Успехов творческих и прибыли
    Ian Holder  15 November 2008 18:54 #
    Fazera в TOP100 !!!!!!!
      ♥ Dj Oliss ♥  1 December 2008 22:17 #
      не))) Он вне конкуренции!!!))))
    '.  2 November 2008 17:44 # … поздравляю с релизом! :)
    Dj Shark  13 September 2008 18:56 #
    Хорошие работы ЕЩЁ! позже зайду поставлю+++проморанк раздал
    Dima Leon4ik  11 September 2008 21:10 #
    прослушал некоторые материалы! отличная музыка Minimal techо в МАССЫ!! однозначно +1
    TECHNOLOGY SOUND Project  10 September 2008 13:52 #
    Отдаю тебе голос в проморанк! А можно тебя в друзья??? ЕЩЁ!
      Fazer  10 September 2008 13:54 #
      да срадостью ))!
    DONSKOY  8 September 2008 20:13 #

    я за)) ты молодец!!! так держать
    SYanich | Stephan Yanich  7 September 2008 22:48 #
    Плюс тебе, за борьбу над майстримом и попсой =) Пасиб!
      Fazer  7 September 2008 23:05 #
      да всегда пажалста ...!!
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