Main style: Lounge
Favorite styles: Ambient, Chillout
Producer, singer, poet
Location: Russia
Dear friends, please, vote for my song NO AGE, NO EDGE! Thank you very much! Дорогие друзья, пожалуйста, проголосуйте за мою песню)) Спасибооо!!songs-…
Kate Marti

KATYA is a Russian chillout/lounge/ambient singer and songwriter, who gets inspiration from her own life experience and travels, as well as from observing other people's adventures and relating to their feelings. Her natural ability to look for the best solutions and the miracles of this life and that of the dream world are truly inspiring.
Her musical story began in 2005 in the United States , where she was offered a chance to record her first Russian-English song at a small studio in Wilmington, North Carolina. There she wrote some of the lyrics and performed as the vocalist with a local band. At that time she began looking for just the right musician/arranger in her native town in Russia. One who could deeply relate to her songs.

She continued writing melodies and lyrics (mostly in English) until, after 3 year of searching, she met a wonderful musician, DreamArt. Their musical collaboration started with the song, "What Can I Say," which was written, recorded and produced within a week under strong inspiration. The creation of new songs continued with several songs based on personal experience and private affections, which described KATYA'S deep emotions and feelings that she had experienced.

A year later KATYA and DreamArt decided to change the direction of the lyrical and musical concept to the more "abstract and philosophical" rather than the "personal and private." The new songs were not long in coming. The new single, "Here is a Shore," broke into this reality with all the colors of the dream world, but was still based on real situations. This song was greatly appreciated by listeners from several internet stations all over the world and also on local Russian radio stations. Her music found a lot of fans in her native city and region as well as in Moscow. Her songs are always sincere and her voice deeply penetrates the soul.

The first musical video for the song, "Set it Free" (Russian version) came to life in 2011. In it you can see both KATYA and DreamArt within this new philosophical conception.

    Vito von Gert  14 November 2012 15:09 #
  • +1
    DJ EXL  11 November 2012 12:21 #
    Respect & greetings ++++
    Kate Marti  12 September 2012 0:15 #
    Спасибо всем больше, желаю и вам вдохновения!
  • +2
    Cj Aist  4 July 2012 13:31 #
    Amazing songs! Songs that touch my soul.
  • +2
    Dimonbizon  1 July 2012 10:21 #
    A beautiful female voice and music! Plus! I wish to achieve creative achievements! You can do it! I believe in it!
  • +4
    Seven24  29 June 2012 0:20 #
    Поддержим Екатерину и попросим выложить её творчество в ближайшее время)
    Выкладывай Кать!
    • +1
      Solarsoul  29 June 2012 15:41 #
  • +4
    Zetandel  11 February 2012 1:01 #
    Молодцом ;)
    • +2
      Seven24  29 June 2012 0:10 #
      • +2
        Soty  29 June 2012 0:13 #
        Присоединяюсь :)
      • +3
        AG  29 June 2012 0:13 #
        • +3
          Tomas Brolinsky  29 June 2012 0:18 #
          Присоединяюсь к поддержке
      • +1
        loungeman  29 June 2012 0:27 #
        я с вами))
        • +2
          Seven24  29 June 2012 0:28 #
    • +1
      Neonica  7 July 2012 13:14 #
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