Main style: Progressive House
Favorite styles: House, Progressive Trance
DJ, producer, listener since 2003
Location: Russia, Kazan
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Клуб Эрмитаж, Kazan, 22:00 // 6 March 2011
Progressive Trance
New Ermitage club (Амирхана 1), Kazan, 19:00 // 28 November 2010
Progressive Trance
Колизей, Naberezhnye CHelny, 23:00 // 13 November 2010
Progressive Trance
Kostya Veter

Kostya Veter (Konstantin Il’in) is an electronic musician originally from Kazan (Russian Federation). He began his career in 2003. After a while Konstantin became fairly popular across the city: he was performing almost on all stages of Kazan night clubs, when his DJ sets were put onto radio stations and local radio shows. Konstantin was enormously influenced by a creative work of Kazan musical group called Neoblizz (Anton Firtich & Ilnaz Tarxanov aka Cramp). Acquaintance with members of this project in 2007 had played a pivotal role in Konstantin’s DJ career. At that time Neoblizz project was already famous both in Russia and beyond its borders. Thereupon Konstantin decided to emulate these guys and eventually begin to set his own DJ production.
His track sets and remixes quickly and easily detected right audience, and moreover were supported by significant names and gurus of dance industry, such as Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Paul Oakenfold, Markus Schulz, Rafael Frost, First State, Jochen Miller, Jon O'Bir, Sander Van Doorn, Beltek, Stoneface & Terminal, Ashley Wallbridge, Ernesto vs. Bastian, Cressida, Faruk Sabanci, Rafael Frost,Andy Moor, George Acosta, Roger Shah, Solarstone, Matt Darey, The Thrillseekers, Daren Tate, Ronski Speed, Manuel Le Saux, Dimitri Kechagias, Estiva, Ilya Soloviev, Pedro Del Mar, M.I.K.E, Marcus Schossow, STERiO, Tim Grube, , Matias Lehtola, Michael Badal, Mike Emvee, Mat Zo, tyDI, Dj Feel, Cramp, Aurosonic, Paul Vinitsky, Martin Schulte, Nu.Clear among other DJs and musicians.
Konstantin’s first official release (remix on Pedro Del Mar track with Ciro Visone Sara Pollino cooperation called «Sunset At Luminosity Beach») was issued into Roger Shah compilation on the trance label giant Armada Music. Onword - his releases with Shah-Music, Dangerbox, Jetlag Digital and Black Hole labels.
In May 2010 Konstantin reached famous compilation of Black Hole label - In Search of Sunrise 8: mixed by Richard Durand. In December 2010 Kostya Veter released his full value single on the same label.
Name of the project which is “Kostya Veter” was not chosen accidently. Konstantin’s music always brings a lot of positive feedback. His music reminds a wind, which spreads selectively pleasant and enjoyable emotions. The future of electronic dance music certainly belongs to such musicians as Kostya Veter.


Kostya Veter featuring Madelin Zero - Envy

На этой неделе поступил в продажу долгожданный релизна Black Hole Recordings, ранее этот трек уже успел засветится в компиляции In Search of Sunrise 8.Mixed by Richard Durand. За это время он получил массу положительных отзывов и заручился поддержкой именитых диджеев и продюсеров, вчера получил письмо от лейбла с фидбеками, и вот некоторые из них:

Blake Jarrell Venue: Concentrate on Feedback: Favourite Track: Envy (Dub Mix) Rating: 4/5 thanks!

Wandem - Darko Venue: France - Paris  Feedback: Favourite Track: Envy (Original Mix) Rating: 4/5 Thanks BH ! <3 I love you <3 :D

George Acosta Venue: Gryphon  Feedback: Favourite Track: Envy (Easton Vocal Remix)Rating: 5/5 very nice

Pedro del Mar Venue: Mellomania Feedback: Favourite Track: Envy (Original Mix) Rating: 5/5fantastic track. great package. full support in my mellomania shows!

Paul Oakenfold (Kenneth Thomas) Venue: Perfecto Records  Feedback:Favourite Track: Envy (Easton Vocal Remix)Rating: 4/5
Easton mix has a great classic mystical vibe.

Markus Schulz Venue: Miami, FL  Feedback:Favourite Track: Envy (Original Mix) Rating: 4/5 Very nice thnks, nice vocal stuff...

Jon O'Bir Venue:  Feedback: Favourite Track: Envy (Original Mix) Rating: 4/5 a good package of mixes!

Armin van Buuren Venue:  Feedback:Favourite Track: Envy (Original Mix) Rating: 4/5 nice!!

Beltek Venue:  Feedback: Favourite Track: Envy (Dub Mix) Rating: 4/5 Liking the dub mix

Ashley Wallbridge Venue: World Wide
Feedback: Favourite Track: Envy (Original Mix) Rating: 5/5 cool track

Tiësto Venue: Ben Huijbreghts, Primetime Management
Publication: Feedback: Favourite Track: Envy (Original Mix) Rating: 5/5

Ernesto vs Bastian Venue: All around the Globe. Publication: Feedback:
Favourite Track: Envy (Easton Vocal Remix)
Rating: 4/5 Like and support Easton Vox mix.

M.I.K.E / Push Venue: NYC / Antwerp Publication: Feedback: Favourite Track: Envy (Dub Mix) Rating: 4/5 Deep Trance, not bad.

DJ Shah Venue: Germany / Koengen Publication: Feedback:
Favourite Track: Envy (Original Mix) Rating: 4/5 beautiful tune

Miss Nine Venue: Nine Sessions, 925 Digital Publication: www.miss-nine.comFeedback:
Favourite Track: Envy (Illitheas Remix) Rating: 4/5 good package, support!

DJ FEEL (Philip Belikov) Venue: Radio Record Russia
Feedback: Favourite Track: Envy (Illitheas Remix) Rating: 4/5 good, thanx!

Andy moor Venue: Publication: Feedback: Favourite Track: Envy (Original Mix) Rating: 3/5 nice vocal stuff...

tyDi Venue: Global Soundsystem Publication: Feedback: Favourite Track: Envy (Illitheas Remix) Rating: 3/5 Nice and proggy with anice vocal.

Simon Budziszyn Venue: Publication: 15:55 Feedback:
Favourite Track: Envy (Original Mix) Rating: 4/5 great vocals! Love the original....

Above & Beyond Venue: London UK Publication: Anjunabeats Feedback:
Favourite Track: Envy (Original Mix) Rating: 4/5

Songbird 274-0
Kostya Veter featuring Madelin Zero - Envy
1.Original Mix // 2.Dub Mix // 3.Easton Vocal Remix // 4.Easton Dub Remix // 5.Radio Edit // 6. Illitheas Remix

Kostya Veter presents a debut on our Songbird imprint: "Envy", featuring the vocals of Madelin Zero.

"Envy" approaches the known production style for vocal trance from a completely new and enticing angle. Did anyone say ISOS? Well this certainly is the case with this new beauty. But make sure to listen closely to the entire original. Madelin's vocals are put in the mixdown in such a fashion that it almost seems as if she's singing it for you while she sits right by your side without the usual imaging, based on a lot of reverb and echo. Then there's another thing: the absence of big and harsh synts and strings. We're listening to a very subtle and incredibly touching backing track with smooth and continuous synths, yes, but not in the usual sense of the word. At 3'13" we find the break. Madelin's whispered vocals, now accompanied by a fragile piano, will move even the toughest roughnecks.

In the remix package we find versions that are perfect for the packed and crowded in- and outdoor events. Check them all out, 'cause they all represent completely new renditions of "Envy". One thing is clear: the original version has set a new standard in the world of vocal trance production. It's that good!

Supported by:
Armin van Buuren, Blake Jarrell, Darko Wandem, George Acosta, Pedro Del Mar, Paul Oakenfold, Marc Zims, B.E.N., Dazzle, Markus Schulz, T.O.M., DJ Ram, Jon O'Bir, Kris O'Neil, Steve Anderson, Dimitri Kechagias, Beat Service, Eddie Sender, DJ Sasj, Beltek, Ashley Wallbridge, Ernesto vs. Bastian, Amex, Stoneface & Terminal, M.I.K.E., Mr Sam, Lange, Andrea Mazza, Rachel Rixham (Beats Media), Amex, Michael Paterson, DJ Shah, Amo & Navas, Artento Divini, Tom Cloud, Miss Nine, DJ Feel, Tommygoff, Mark Loverush, Ton TB, Tempo Giusto, DJ Observer, Tritonal, Andy Moor, Tjerk Coers (Fresh FM), Airbase, William Daniel (Tillate Magazine), Giuseppe Ottaviani, Mario Rybansky (Dance One Radio), Alex O'Rion, tyDi, Simon Budziszyn, Above & Beyond and many more!

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15 December 2010 14:26

Trance Around The World with Above & Beyond #349

Круто Эбавы играют мою работу Ad Astra уже вторую неделю подряд))

Trance Around The World with Above & Beyond #349
3rd December 2010

1. Dan Stone "Harvest Moon" [7 Skies Remix] (Anjunabeats)
2. Ben Gold "Icon" (Garuda)
3. Filipe Boiler "Rare Fascination" (Fraction)

Record Of The Week
4. Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer vs. Trifonic & Matt Lange "Quadcore" (Anjunadeep)

5. Kostya Veter "Ad Astra" (Vendace Records)
6. Michael Woods "Nitro" [Original Club Mix] (Toolroom)
7. Arnej "We Need Them" [Original Mix] (Coldharbour)
8. Vinny Troia feat. Jaidene Veda "Do For Love" [Matt Lange Remix] (Curvve)
9. Arty "Zara" (Anjunabeats)
10. Emliss "Back To Mine" [Michael Cassette Remix] (Anjunadeep)
11. 16 Bit Lolitas pres. Bug Report "Troubleshooter" (Bits & Pieces)

Web Vote Winner
12. Super8 & Tab feat. Julie Thompson "My Enemy" [Rank 1 Remix] (Anjunabeats)

13. Arty vs. First State "The Falling Wonder" [First State Mashup] (CDr)
14. Nitrous Oxide "Downforce" [Orient Mix] (Anjunabeats) Buy from iTunes
15. Reeves "Dreams" [Jon O' Bir Remix] (Anjunabeats) Buy from iTunes
16. Michael Angelo feat. Danny "Test Drive 2010" [Nitrous Oxide Remix] (Redux)

The Thrillseekers Guest Mix
1. M.I.K.E. "The Art Of Love" [Protoculture Remix] (Club Elite)
2. Filo & Peri feat. Audrey Gallagher "This Night" [Max Graham Remix] (Vandit)
3. Arcane Science feat. Melissa Loretta "Still Feel (You Here)" [The Thrillseekers Remix] (CDr)
4. Ferry Corsten pres. Eon "Pocket Damage" [Rafael Frost Remix Edit] (Flashover)
5. Pulser "In My World" [Activa Remix] (Garuda)
6. The Thrillseekers "Synaesthesia" [Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix] (Soundpiercing)

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7 December 2010 14:11

Above and Beyond in TATW#348 playing Kostya Veter - Ad Astra

Очередная приятная новость связанная с предстоящим релизом, работу Ad Astra поддержали Above and Beyond,
выпуск уже не за горами))


01. Super8 & Tab «My Enemy» [Rank 1 Remix] (Anjunabeats)
02. M.I.K.E. «The Art Of Love» [Proculture Remix] (Club Elite)
03. Kostya Veter «Ad Astra» (Vendace Recordings)

Record of the Week
04. Vinny Troia feat Jaidene Veda «Do For Love» [Matt Lange Remix] (Currve)

05. Juventa «Beauty Catch» (Enhanced Progressive)
06. Dan Stone «Harvest Moon» [7 Skies Remix] (Anjunabeats)
07. Filipe Boiler «Rare Fascination» (Fraction Recordings)
08. Cosmic Gate «Back To Earth» [Arty Remix] (Blackhole)
09. Nitrous Oxide «Downforce» [Orient Mix] (Anjunabeats)
10. ReOrder «City Beats» [Ferry Tayle Remix] (Monster Tunes)

Web Vote Winner
11. Michael Cassette «Memories» [90's Piano Mix] (Anjunabeats)

12. BT «Le Nocturne de Lumiere» [Cedric Gervais Remix] (New State Music)
13. JOC «Botnik» (Subculture)
14. Michael Woods «Nitro» (Toolroom Recordings)
15. Stephen J. Kroos «Angiogenesis» (Anjunadeep)

Guest Mix
16. Michael Cassette «My Name is Michael Cassette» (Anjunadeep)
17. Anoraak «Try Me» [Michael Cassette Remix]
18. BT «Forget Me» [Michael Cassette Remix]
19. Michael Cassette «Moonlight Runner»
20. Michael Cassette «Through the Windows» (Anjunadeep)
21. Michael Cassette «Kilimanjaro» (Anjunadeep)
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27 November 2010 13:31

Armin van Buuren playing Kostya Veter - Ad Astra - A State of Trance Episode 481

</a Буквально вчера моя работа Ad Astra покинула студию и уже сразу получила поддержку от самого Армина)Так же стоит отметить, что Армин поддержал еще один российский проект Soarsweep с треком Madarika Beach, Россия вперед, молодцы ребята так держать )))))


Playlist for A State of Trance episode 481. 04-11-2010 1. Armin van Buuren feat. Winter Kills – Take A Moment (Shogun Remix) [Armind] 2. Tomcraft – A Place Called Soul (Manuel De La Mare’s Playground Remix) [Craft Music] 3. Orjan Nilsen – Shoutbox [Captivating Sounds] 4. Sean Godsall & Steve Allen Feat Molly – Holding On (George Acosta Remix) [SHUTE] 5. Johan Wedel – Playdoo (Johan Wedel Re-Touch) 6. D-Mad – FMG (Official anthem 2010) [High Contrast Nu Breed] 7. Soarsweep – Madarika Beach [ITWT] 8. FUTURE FAVORITE: Armin van Buuren feat. Christian Burns – This Light Between Us (Armin’s Great Strings mix) [Armind] 9. Kostya Veter – Ad Astra [Vendace Recordings] 10. Nadia Ali – Triangle (Myon and Shane 54 Classic Mix) [Smile In Bed] 11. Sied van Riel – Mentalism [Reset] 12. Skytech – Rocket Science [Coldharbour] 13. tyDi Feat Tania Zygar – Half Light (Max Graham Remix) [Ava] 14. illitheas – Perfect Day [Shah music digital] 15. Ron van den Beuken – Shelter Us (Mike One remix) [RR Recordings] 16. Suncatcher vs. Pizz@dox – Remember The Youthful Years (Nery Remix) [FSOE] 17. TUNE OF THE WEEK: Sean Tyas – Banshee [Armada] 18. Oliver Brooks – Apart (Thomas Datt Remix) [Enhanced] 19. Poshout – Heartbroken (Clubmix) [Liquid Recordings] 20. W&W vs Ben Gold – Nexgen [Captivating Sounds] 21. Tee-Ex – Oasis (Luke Terry remix) [Unearthed recordings] 22. Nurettin Colak – Conception (Arctic Moon Remix) [Harmonic Breeze Recordings] 23. Gary Maguire – Poisoned Mind [Discover Dark 50] 24. ASOT Radio Classic: Airbase – Escape [Intiution]

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5 November 2010 10:45

Matt Darey @ Record Club (28-09-2010)

Сегодня ночью все слушатели радио рекорд могли слышать микс от Matt Darey, в своем миксе он играл одну из моих лучших вышедших в этом году работ: The Loneliness.

01. Matt Darey & Aeron Aether ft. Ridgewalkers - Chasing The Sun (D-Mad remix)

02. Sander Kleinenberg - R.Y.A.N.L. (Pleasurekraft remix)
03. Oliver Morgenroth & Shane - True (original mix)
04. Nalin & Kane - Beachball (Marco Lys remix)
05. Omar B & Lys - One Day (original mix)
06. JF Sebastian & Andrew Salsano ft. Jayn Hanna - Walking On Fire (Dr. Kucho! remix)
07. Darlyn Vlys & Days Off - Touching Me (original mix)
08. Matt Darey & Aeron Aether ft. Tiff Lacey - Into The Blue (original mix)
09. M.PRAVDA - Destiny (Evgeny Bardyuzha remix)
10. The BeatThiefs ft. Peyton - Fly With Me (Nino Anthonys disKo LoKO dub)
11. Yen Oxygen - Stay (Roman Sweet remix)
12. Superbass ft. Relation - Lost In Sound (Egostereo remix)
13. The Good Guys - Inside (Tony Gomez remix)
14. Kostya Veter - The Loneliness (original mix)
15. Freefall ft. Jan Johnston - Skydive (I Feel Wonderful) (original mix)
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28 September 2010 10:38
no comments
    Maksim Afimov  22 August 2011 13:44 #
    Константин, мужчина. Уважаю +++ в пр и в друзьях рад был бы видеть непременно. Трек с ИСОС ...до сих пор вспоминаю.
    Theodor Gini  19 May 2011 15:50 #
    +++ PR
    Буду рад видеть в друзьях!
    ColorMade [Dj Serge Prime]  16 February 2011 12:41 #
    Костя, привет!) Как творчество продвигается?) Заходи ежели чё в гости)))
    DJ Kirill Crash  1 February 2011 19:37 #
    Привет Константин))) +++++++++за творчество и в други))
    12-го увидинся на арене колизея)))
      Kostya Veter  1 February 2011 23:49 #
      Привет)) ну если доживем то конечно)
    Svyatoslav Maltsev  14 January 2011 21:31 #
    Привет, Костя. С удовольствием ставлю заслуженный +
    Steve Van Dar  11 November 2010 16:40 #
    Kostya Veter - Ad Astra - невероятный трек!! очень нравится =)
    Northia  5 November 2010 19:40 #
    Привет))Очень хорошие работы)Молодец)
    Jey Verona  5 November 2010 12:16 #
    Отличные работы , профессиональный подход , динамичный запоминающийся саунд ... Что еще сказать ... Спасибо тебе за то что ты делаешь !!! КАЙФ КРУТО BEST +++
      Kostya Veter  5 November 2010 12:20 #
      Большое Спасибо)) оч приятно, рад стараться)))
    Alex Piletski  20 September 2010 1:14 #
    Привет, коллега по цеху))) Дружим?!
    | SDJ |  14 August 2010 1:25 #
    Kostya Veter featuring Madelin Zero - Not Even WOW
    Dima Tez  9 July 2010 19:15 #
    С Днём Рождения!!!
    Valera Chkalov  9 July 2010 17:17 #
    Magnetic Brothers  9 July 2010 3:04 #
    С днем рождения! Успехов!
    Max Rise  9 July 2010 1:40 #
    C Днем Рождения!!! Поздравляю от всей души!!!
    Больше тебе успехов в творчестве!!!
  • +1
    DJinn  29 June 2010 14:23 #
    Radiability  7 June 2010 13:38 #
    Kostya Veter featuring Madelin Zero - Envy

    Прекрасный track,вокал суперский RULISH КАЙФ
    Kostya Veter  29 May 2010 18:14 #
    Nicolas Paturelle  12 May 2010 0:24 #
    Найс стафф! Молодец!!
    Melodic Brothers  10 May 2010 14:33 #
    шикарный проект!
      Kostya Veter  10 May 2010 15:07 #
        Melodic Brothers  10 May 2010 15:27 #
        ждем на промо работы с исос 8 Wink
    Dima Tez  7 May 2010 21:55 #
    Секси стафф, ман! "The Loneliness" - Респект!
    ColorMade [Dj Serge Prime]  30 April 2010 16:27 #
    Kostya Veter  21 March 2010 9:27 #
    DJ Slava HitRay  21 March 2010 0:42 #
    Моя поддержка Not Even, держи + КРУТО
    ColorMade [Dj Serge Prime]  18 March 2010 19:58 #
    хорошие работы, впечатляет) WOW
    Sebastian Hunter  16 January 2010 20:22 #
    Привет, оцени трек

    Stan Chetverikov / Mesmerized  5 January 2010 13:07 #
    Alexey Bueno  27 November 2009 15:21 #
    Клёво, мне понравилось!!! Заходи в гости !!!! WOW WOW
    dj Alexander Zorin (Москва)  13 November 2009 19:27 #
    Такая крутая музыка и такой низкий проморанк...Держи ++) Первый раз услышал твой трек на сборнике electropeople_sunrise_15 Э бриз оф спринг. Оочень достойный трек, порадовал))) всех благ..)))
      Kostya Veter  14 November 2009 11:43 #
      Привет Спасибо,очень рад,что нравится)) да не парься мне на этот проморанк ровным счетом пофигу)))
    Oleg Zviagin ака Southern Breeze  2 November 2009 12:30 #
    Отличная музыка! WOW Сочту за честь увидеть в друзьях! Респект, респект, респект!!!
    viva-pro  8 October 2009 18:14 #
    ПЛЮСЫ !!! )))
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