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Kollektiv SS
Kollektiv SS (Sergei Galitsky and Sergei Mikityuk)

Kollektiv SS

Sergei Galitsky and Sergei Mikityuk.

Fate brought these interesting people in 2009. Similar attitudes and passion for electronic music spawned the desire to create their own works and compositions. Create a Collective has implemented additional impetus to the development of talent in itself and to the development of musical project. Each of the participants of the project is running with the production, quality and interesting product. Complementing each other, they strive for excellence in the construction of each product conceptualization, revealing new facets and angles in the Tech music. Said by project participants:

- "We make music for people, for their enjoyment and pleasure." 

Kollektiv SS - are the first and only duet, executing Neotrans Ukrainian music on stage.

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I like: Neotrance Techno Deep-techno Minimal

I hate: R*n*B

I recommend: качественную музыку

I am interested in: Политика, бизнес

I know: Техно это сила

I can: Умеем все ;)

Kollektiv SS
Main style: Techno
Favorite styles: Deep Techno, Dub Techno, Hard Techno, Minimal Techno, Schranz, Tech House, Trance
Performance: from €400 / 2 hours
Location: Ukraine, CHernovcy
Guest: Пасаж Гартенбергів (Ivano-Frankovsk)
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