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Booz Time, Kishinev, 18:00 // 11 January 2009
Electro House
Night Club 50/50, Kishinev, 18:00 // 8 November 2008
Electro House
OXI, Kishinev, 19:00 // 8 August 2008
Electro House
Kee Ross


Kee Ross’s listener story began in 2004 when he came for the first time in his life to the disco. After that he decided to organize a party in school. It had a success. So, after that first step he was playing at school several years.

In 2007 Kee Ross made a step forward, having an opportunity to handle professional DJ equipment and to mix tracks for the first time. Egor Borisov, his friend, helped him to master everything and gave him some useful advices. Several months later they founded [MIJU] (“Music Is Joining Us”) group for the people addicted to music and clubbing.
Also that year Kee Ross had a possibility to take part in “Young Star DJ Battle” in “Red Club”, where, in spite of the fact that he still lacked experience, Kee Ross was awarded for promoting electro-music.

In 2008 he organized a series of parties named “Energy Monday” in “OXI Club”, but 08/08/2008, having been supported by the famous trademark “SELA”, Kee Ross and Egor Borisov rocked this club again by the first in Moldova “Tecktonik Party”.
Several months later MIJU group has been canceled.

In november 2008 Kee Ross and young manager Andrew founded Generation Noise promo group.

Next year they produced several projects as Tecktonik, MYSTERY, Lunatik. Kee Ross collaborated with such brands as celio*, SELA. He played his sets in such clubs as BooZ TimE, 50/50, Oxi club, Bodhi club. He has taken part in su ch events as BIG UP URBANFEST (Moldexpo territory).


In june 2009 Kee Ross collaborated with


Nowadays Kee Ross has his own independent style of playing music full of disco, electro and experimental sounds. Hard and soft dubs, pretty melodies and simple beeper sounds. His main idea is that Dj must be independent and should feel the crowd.


In august 2009 Kee Ross signed a contract with Burn recordings.

I like: Оригинальное проявление непризнания общего движения.

I hate: Непунктуальных и зазвездившихся людей.

I recommend: Жить так, чтобы потом обидно не было.

I am interested in: Всем, что громко, быстро и хорошо.

I know: Не всё, но почти всё, что нужно знать человеку в моём возрасте, может и больше.

I can: Многое.

Kee Ross
Main style: Experimental
Favorite styles: 8-bit, Dubstep, Electro, Electro House, Fidget House, House, Indie, Nu Disco, Progressive House
DJ, producer, promoter, vocalist, listener since 2007
Performance: 1.5 hours
Location: Moldova, Kishinev
Resident: (Kishinev)
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