Seventh Horizon (Дом Быта, 7 этаж), Habarovsk, 23:00 // 5 December 2009
КОМИТЕТ, Vladivostok, 00:00 // 27 November 2009
Ночной клуб Давыдов, Vladivostok, 00:00 // 20 November 2009
El Tempo, Habarovsk, 00:00 // 13 November 2009
El Tempo, Habarovsk, 23:00 // 30 October 2009

Dunaev Ilja (DJ Komaro) about itself - the Person помешанный on music. Has pleased with a birth on October, 19th, 1982.

The hobby for music has begun with school. It was a disk di-dzheem in school discos at the time of audiocassettes. Preferred at that time directions Techno and Rave, breaks; the dancer, professionally was engaged breakdance th. In 2003 on 2nd course of institute has earned additionally also itself has bought вертаки, has established houses. And further by a principle «all» addressed to instructions on the Internet.

Took part in festival Ocean House I, II, 2006, 2008 г In 2007 played "Club Cellar" (Guangzhou, China) As played platforms of Khabarovsk dj - café «Gallery», «Che Guevara», «Chocolate» C 2008 and to this day is the resident нк El Tempo (Khabarovsk).

Played one platform with such di-dzhejami as: Moonbeam, R-Tem, Sanches, Serge-Que, Deaf, Dead, Sasha Soul, J - Soul, Eugene Gagarin (BlackFeel Wite), Dj SoLa (Japan, Yokohama)
DVj Rinn (Japan, Yokohama) , Dj Polina, Dj Suhov, Dj Viper, Dj Magic Man (msk),Dj Lady Waks (spb), Duel Calibre (UK breaks),Drum Sound (UK d&b)

the Basic style: Techno

Favourite styles: Drum and Bass, Breaks,Minimal techno, Progressive House, Tech House.

The mixes forms on mood, they semantic, it is too much music and that is pleasant to him writes to show the mixes. Sincerely loves the music. From style of music in a mix - there is a name considers di-dzheing as the most interesting hobby in a life т.к does not look at it as for the way to earn.

Positive, the person taking a great interest in all that carries away it. One of hobbies - a snowboard, hockey, swimming. Likes to be on friendly terms, rectilinear.


On a question «That wants» answers simply - that wanted it.


Music buys in considerable quantities on the Internet, the basic sites -,,


The free time spends for itself and others.


«Now in music democracy» therefore everyone reigns can show itself in sound. Does not love and does not accept commercial music "There is no commerce"


Plans for the future – to write down in personal merits sets on platforms of Germany, to deduce club culture on ДВ on higher level together with the ideological friends. Since October, 2008 together with friends have generated EMBASSY KAZANTIP on ДВ and sow day arrange parties under the aegis of КАЗАНТИП on the basis of club. By the summer in plans to spend PrePati КАЗАНТИПА.

About Music did not try to write, but in the near future there will be a studio where he can test in it.

In December, 2008 wait its first official mix – «Mechanism: Tech Inside» On pupils does not reflect yet .


The motto and the relation to a life – «ALL OR ANYTHING»

I like: ЖИЗНЬ

I hate: ЛОЖЬ

I recommend: ДУМАТЬ

I know: KAK

Dunaev Il'ya
Main style: Minimal Techno
Favorite styles: Progressive House, Tech House, Techno
DJ, promoter, clubber since 2005
Performance: from €400 / 2 hours
Location: Russia, Habarovsk
Resident: El'tempo Club (Habarovsk), Посольство Республики KaZant!p на Дальнем Востоке (Habarovsk), PreParty KaZant!p Khabarovsk цех ДальДизель (Habarovsk), TECHNO Щастье цехи Энергомаш и ДальДизель (Habarovsk)
Guest: Ночной клуб Давыдов (Vladivostok), El Tempo (Habarovsk), El Tempo (Habarovsk), Цех ДАЛЬДИЗЕЛЬ (база картинг клуба«Адреналин») Хабаровск (Habarovsk), El Tempo club (Habarovsk), Double Energy (Vladivostok), Deja Vu (Vladivostok), Rasa Lila (Vladivostok), Louis Fillippe (YUzhno-Sahalinsk), Cellar club (Guangzhou), Baby Face,Cellar (Guangzhou), Radio Smart Sound (Vladivostok)
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