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Jimmy Roqsta - STEREOids [Spinnin' Rec Talent Pool]

Всем привет! В общем тут такое дело) Кому не лень прошу проголосовать за мой трек в Spinnin' Records Talent Pool. Для этого надо пройти по ссылке и нажать там Vote for this track, если кнопка не доступна, то сначала надо нажать лайк на Spinnin Records.

Надеюсь на Вашу поддержку )
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19 November 2013 20:18
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Jimmy Roqsta - Good Enough EP | incl.Faskil & Noki,Nafis [Incepto Music][Out now]

Сегодня вышел в продажу мой новый EP.
эксклюзивно на

приобрести можно тут :

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30 April 2012 15:55
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Jimmy Roqsta - Good Enough EP (IML011) | incl.Faskil & Noki,Nafis [Incepto Music]

Release Info: 
We are pleased to announce the release of a very talented entertainer Jimmy Roqsta. 
Good Enough is not just a definition, it is inside the power and knowledge to not touch, but you can feel and skip through itself. 
French magician progressive sounding Faskil's together with Noki work blurs the lines of internal movement and speed - only sky traffic! 
And then work Nafis makes us a bird's eye view beneath us the beauty and infinite perfection, to say-Good Enough!

Released by: Incepto Music 
Release/catalogue number: IML011 
Release date: Apr 30, 2012 

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12 April 2012 11:16
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Norin & Rad - The Remedy 008 [Jimmy Roqsta Guestmix]

Мой гостевой микс у калифорнийского дуэта Norin & Rad .

Содержит эксклюзивные трэки и ремиксы, которые можно пока услышать только в этом миксе.

Полностью шоу можно послушать тут .

Наслаждайтесь :)

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18 March 2012 23:40
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Jimmy Roqsta - Spotted Dolphin's (Incl. Remixes)[Out now]


1 Jimmy Roqsta - Spotted Dolphins (Original Mix)
2 Jimmy Roqsta - Spotted Dolphins (Hyline & Jaybeetrax Full On Vocals Remix)
3 Jimmy Roqsta - Spotted Dolphins (Magnetic Brothers pres. Spatree Remix)

Release  Info: 

Jimmy Roqsta - "Spotted Dolphins".
Remixers: Hyline & Jaybeetrax, Magnetic Brothers pres. Spatree.

A&R: Arthur Golubev (Magnetic Brothers), Dmitri Lyssenko (Jimmy Roqsta)
Mastering: Dmitri Lyssenko - 1st track, Anton Golubev (Magnetic Brothers) - 2nd and 3rd track.
Designer: Aleksey Lebed (StayHigh Studio)
Distributor: Proton SoundSystem
C&P Matryoshka (Deep Blue Eyes), 2011


Buy on


Ferry Corsten (Flashover)

Above & Beyond (Anjuna | TATW)
Interesting, will listen again

Markus Schulz (Coldharbour | GDJB)
downloading and will try thanks

Jaytech (Jaytech Music)
Hyline & Jaybeetrax/Magnetic Brothers mixes

feeling the original, thanks

Suffused (MistiqueMusic /
Full support!!!

tyDi (Global Soundsystem / Armada / Black Hole / Coldharbour)
Will give them a go.

Darin Epsilon (Perspectives / Perfecto / friskyRadio / microCastle / Armada / B)
Like the remixes by Hyline & Jaybeetrax and Magnetic Brothers.

Kyau & Albert
thanks.sounds nice so far. will listen to carefully later.pls check tracklists at if support

Sasha Le Monnier [C.O.U. Muzik ] (Stripped Digital,Source Of Gravity)
nice sounds, thanks!...downloading

Faskil (Frisky / microCastle / Jetlag / Morphosis / Spring Tube)
Nice EP. Will try it out.

Aris Grammenos (No Border/
Hyline & Magnetic Bros mixes for me! Good release overall!

Gai Barone (Armada / Coldharbour / Afterglow / Silk Royal | DI FM / ETN FM)
nice ones! thanks

Alex Roque (Pacha/KingStreet/Suma)
really nice EP Magnetic Brother remix!

B-Max (Incepto Music/Spring Tube/Round Triangle/Deep Blue Eyes)
Perfect EP!Hyline & Jaybeetrax my fav!Thnx)

Johan Nilsson (Digitally Imported Radio)
Hyline & Jaybee remix works best for me here. Great stuff on all tracks though

No Sonic Limits (Mistique/Indigo/Deepsessions)
Magnetic Brothers got me movin' and groovin' once again. Thanks.


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11 July 2011 14:37
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V.A. - Deep Blue Eyes 1st Anniversary Compilation

Deep Blue Eyes is coming up on it's one year anniversary and to celebrate that they have A special 1st anniversary compilation.

One year ago on May 31st the Magnetic Brothers released their 'Monotone & Coloured' album to launch the label. Over the course of the last year more than 100 artists have been signed and 44 releases published. The label earned support from: Paul Oakenfold, Markus Schulz, tyDi, Matt Darey, Solarstone and many other top DJs and producers. To celebrate the one year anniversary Deep Blue Eyed have called upon a great selection of artists from 5 different countries of the world: Faskil (FR), BarBQ (RU), Matteo Monero (IT), Jimmy Roqsta (UK), B-Max (UA), Arthur Deep (RU) and Magnetic Brothers (RU).

The compilation begins with the soothing chords of Matteo Monero's 'Loose' which progresses into a groovy progresssive house cut with great vocal samples and some wonderfully deep sounds. Label bosses the Magnetic Brothers are next with the deep and hazy 'Twilight Highway' that features a well processed male vocal and the signature Magnetic Brothers cool, fresh vibe. 'My Pink Motor Boat' by BarBQ is next and continues the deep and soulful moods with lovely melodies and a brilliant laid back feel. frisky Records head man Faskil is next and his new track 'Whatever Happens' picks up the pace dramatically with its driving rhythm and unrelenting groove. The track breaks down into a cool breakbeat section with some growling synths and stellar atmosphere before the groove picks back up for a rocking finish. Jimmy Roqsta's 'Something At Harrow' is next with it's spectacular quirky lead and fun, playful energy. The package comes to a close with a superb downtempo piece from well known Russian producer Arthur Deep. It's been a great first year for Deep Blue Eyes and 2011 is shaping up to be even better!

Presstext by Mitch Alexander (Release Promo).

Buy on

Official Release Trailer:

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4 June 2011 12:09
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Featured Release @ Beatport Progressive House


Escenda - American Story (incl. remixes by Jimmy Roqsta, Rustam Yanin, E-Spectro): Featured Beatport Progressive House right now!

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4 May 2011 18:11
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Jimmy Roqsta - Chop chop at Flash Brothers Top 10 Picks on Beatport



Очень рад этому )


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3 May 2011 13:52
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Jimmy Roqsta Remix.


Judge Jules (BBC Radio)
Jimmy Roqsta remix for me. Thx


Above & Beyond
Interesting, will listen again.


Embliss (Anjunadeep / Armada / Proton)
Original + Jimmy Roqsta :)


Matteo Monero (Mistique,Indigo,Full Flava,Ucm,Pure fm,Insomnia Fm)
I will try Jimmy Roqsta!! Thanks.


Faskil (Frisky / Morphosis / Jetlag / Polytechnic / microCastle / FeralC)
Diggin' the original to play at home while chilling and Jimmy Roqsta remix to play loud and get the crowd moving. :)
Great vibes, like the Jimmy Roqsta Remix the most, will try it. :)


Vitaly Depp
Jimmy Roqsta Remix fav for me! Thank you a lot! Very pretty release!


B-Max (Spring Tube/Round Triangle/Deepsessions/Forza Mint/Pure FM)
Jimmy Roqsta Remix is my fav.


Sasha Le Monnier [C.O.U. Muzik ] (Stripped Digital,Source Of Gravity)
Jimmy Roqsta is nice here, thanks!

Suffused (Mistiquemusic /
E-Spectro & Jimmy Roqsta remixes!!


Michael & Levan (Mistique / Toes In The Sand / No Smoking / Mestiza / Tilth / Mor)
Jimmy Roqsta and E-Spectro!


No Sonic Limits (Mistique/Indigo/Deepsessions)
Jimmy Roqsta really nails it here! Thanks.

Andy Moor (AVA Recordings)
Nice stuff.


In Deep We Trust (In Deep / Guess / Brown Eyed Boys / Loco / Avangardia | PlanetaFM)
Somehow, the Original still works the best for me, thx for this!


Max Demand (Garen Daren) (Proton / Soulman / Deep Beep)
It's not what I am playin, but the original mix produced as well! Very special taste, Great job!

Gai Barone (Armada / Coldharbour / Afterglow / Silk Royal | DI FM / ETN FM)
Like the remixes! Thanks.


tyDi (Global Soundsystem)
Still liking the original.



:: Escenda - American Story (Jimmy Roqsta Remix) в ТОП 100 Release Promo Hype Chart более 3х недель ::


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3 May 2011 11:17
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Black Heart (Remixes Part II) [Out now]




Some feedbacks and supports:


Markus Schulz (Global DJ Broadcast)
Jimmy Roqsta Remix: Good energy. Will try it.


Flash Brothers (Agnosia!)
Jimmy Roqsta remix works!


Sezer Uysal (Armada / Proton / Loco / Outside The Box / Ready Mix)
Mars Needs Lovers and Konstantin Yoodza! Support! Thanks.

Good sound!

Dynamic Illusion (Armada / Jetlag Digital / Mistique / Morphosis)
Mars Needs Lovers Remix is great!

tyDi (Global Soundsystem)
Nice pack.

Embliss (Anjunadeep / Armada / Proton)
Great pack guys.

Fernando Ferreyra (Dreamers on Frisky Radio)
Great remix from Suke8.

Matteo Monero (Indigo, Mistique, Kansak, InsomniaFm, Innervisions Radio)
Suke8 remix is my pic here, but all remixes are good!!! Full support! Thanks.
Black Heart (Mars Needs Lovers Remix) played by Matteo Monero @ Pandora's Box on Innervisions Radio UK.

Arthur Deep (Proton / Unreleased Digital / Silk / Toes In The Sand / Cool Vib)
Mars Needs Lovers Remix is my pick here! :) Thanks!

D-Phrag (Immersed @
Will chart Jimmy Roqsta Remix, I like this one very much!!!

Semih Karakas (frisky Radio, Pure FM, Beattunes, InsomniaFM)
Nice EP guys.

Armin Van Buuren
Black Heart (Mars Needs Lovers Remix): Thanks.

Dave Carden (Kiss Fm / Various Radio)
Jimmy Roqsta nails this remix. Superb driving progressive. Unusual that there is no original mix though.

Slang (Spring Tube / Digital Sensation UK | Proton Radio / DI FM / AH FM)
Suke8 are the mans!
Black Heart (Mars Needs Lovers) played by SlanG & East Sunrise @ Spring Tube Duality on DI.FM

Gai Barone (Armada / Coldharbour / Afterglow / Silk Royal / DI FM / ETN FM)
Great versions! Thanks.

Suffused (Mistiquemusic /
Great remixes! Downloading all for a better listen.

Ingo Vogelmann (LIGHTWORKS @ friskyRadio, TIME OUT @ friskyRadio, ReleasePromo Hype Chart Essentials @ friskyRadio)
Mars Needs Lovers Remix: 10/10, Great tune, thanks.

Sasha Le Monnier [C.O.U. Muzik (Stripped Digital, Source Of Gravity)
Jimmy Roqsta has quite a kick to it! Also Aris's mix is not bad.

Phillipo Blake (Arrant Records)
Great remixes in excellent EP.

Good release! I liked ! Thanks.

Peres (Definition of Sound)
Huge remix from JazzBass MineKey'z.

Trim The Fat (Baroque, Outside The Box, Hyline Music, Proton Radio)
Mars Needs Lovers Remix hits the spot :)

Luke Porter (microCastle, Temporum, Mango Alley)
Konstantin Yoodza Remix.

Adam Antine (NA)
Mars Needs Lovers! Also JazzBassMineKey'z version very interesting. Thanks.

Alessandro Diga (OTB, Particles, Manual)
Suke8 sounds cool.

Suzy Solar (Solar Power Music)
Great package!

Airwave (Airwave)
Had to review my judgement, I'll support Mars Needs Lovers.

Sunn Jellie (Armada, Silk, Nellie, Perceptive, RRBR)
Very nice one! Mars Needs Lovers and Suke8 for me here, thanks!

Alex Roque (Pacha /KingStreet /Suma)
Great tracks!! Releally nice release! Will support! Konstantin Yoodza Remix is amazing, thanks!

Joe Sweeney (Outside Recordings / 10 mm Onega Recordings)
Mars Needs Lovers, Suke 8, and JazzBass MineKey'z are the ones for me.

Hexed! (Liquid Grooves, Drops, Aquasound, Proton, Pure.FM, Insomnia.FM, )
Konstantin Yoodza, Aris Grammenos are quite catchy.

No Sonic Limits (Mistique/Jetlag/Deepsessions)
Mars Needs Lovers and Jimmy Roqsta really nails it here. Powerful and energetic stuff!
Suke8 is brilliant, also really like the work from Jimmy Roqsta lately and this is no exeption, a great winner of the contest! Thanks for sending!


Buy it at beatport



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21 March 2011 20:13