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That if the lie is Truth and truth it is lie
That if truth one lie for all
That if one is capable to overpersuade one thousand
It is my truth

IRISH - Sterlitamak HARDSTYLE  duet. At present is one of the most known in Republic of Bashkortostan and behind its side-altars in sphere HARDSTYLE of music.

Outstanding career of duet IRISH has begun in the end of 2010 where they have put at once themselves separately from crowd and have started to form own music. Let out itself under many pseudonyms, but became known thanking duet IRISH.
For these years, they have got many followers after an exit the of mysterious and mystical performances; their style has captivated audience. After long trainings and performances duet IRISH is invited to Internet radio where they together Alexandr Dobryakov (Alexandr Kindman aka Kindsound project) will represent the new mix.
Also it is necessary to notice their successful performance in club Moscow, where they have won hearts of people.
Project IRISH is one of the Main thing And Unique Sterlitamak Hardstyle Movement.
IRISH there is a synonym dark a genre party, they not to be afraid to be allocated and test crowd the most powerful mixes.

Duet IRISH doesn't like to give interview, and is completely not public person, - in a word hardworking people!
In the nearest plans the duet writes music, but soon as the representative of a duet confirms, under successful circumstances will be invited star HARDSTYLE where they will show magic

Main style: Hardstyle
DJ, producer, collaborations
Location: Russia, Sterlitamak