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Disclosure Project Recordings remix competition in association with PROMODJ.

Disclosure Project Recordings with PROMODJ support presents The Disclosure Project - Cabriolet Remix Contest.


Winners will recieve:

A release of their remix on the record label and will get a 50% royalty agreement in contract and all those earnings from the sales of their remix will be theirs to keep.
They will also recieve a hoody with the label logo on it.

Premium Account on PROMODJ. 
Plus an exclusive limited edition printed CD copy of the Designer Ware album by The Disclosure Project

We are not offering a cash reward or cash prize to win this competition.

Track you will be remixing:

The disclosure project - Cabriolet

How to Enter the competition:

Subscribe to this event to enter by clicking 'I am going' ....its that simple…

Competition rules:

1: We request all entrants to do a deep house, a tech house or a jazzy/funky/discoey house remix, these are the genres we are specificaly interested in.
What we dont want submitting : we do not want any techno, any trance, any electro, any minimal house or any commercial house. We reserve the right to refuse a remix entry into the competition due to its genre not fitting the competition specifics.

2: You are allowed to submit one remix only, so take your time making it. You have a long time to get it right so dont just throw a remix together and hope its good enough. Spend some time getting it right we are highly critical about songs that are sloppy. Make sure you do simple things like tune your instruments correctly, get the samples in time with your beats, remove any glitches and clicks from the sound, have the sounds panned correctly, have all the levels of the sounds nice. We reserve the right to refuse a remix entry due to its poor quality. By all means master your remix but it is important to keep your unmastered original to send us if you make it through to the release.

3: When your remix is done, do not go putting it up for download anywhere on the internet, anyone who puts it available for download risks legal repurcussions from the record label, copyright of our sounds is complete over every sound in this remix competition, they are not yours to distribute or make available for download so do not do it. We reserve the right to remove an entry from this competition that breaks this rule.

4: Only submit your final remix to this competition through PROMODJ, we do not want to see you hosting your remixes on myspace, youtube, soundcloud or any other hosting site, this remix competition is through PROMODJ so put your files here only. We reserve the right to remove an entry from the competition that breaks this rule.

5: Dont spam the managers of the competition, IE admin of PROMODJ or The Disclosure Project with your links to the remixes. Put your files in the competition storage area and leave them there, they will be checked and listened to so please do not force your remix on the managers of the competition. Basically just be patient and polite here we are taking it as seriously as you are and will be professional about the way we go about it.

6: Yes you can use your remix in dj sets, provided that you host on them only on PROMODJ. If in doubt about if you can use it ask us in a private message on our PROMODJ account.

7: Do not share these download files with anyone else, and do not use them in any other song you create that is outside this competition, these files are owned by disclosure Project Recordings and are only being made available for this remix, any use of these sounds outside this remix competition will lead to legal repercussions.

You have 2 months to complete this remix.

The submission deadline is: June 1st 2011
The winners will be announced - June, 30

This gives everyone time to plan what they are doing with it and gives them time to rethink and relisten to their remix and start again if necessary. Two months is plenty of time to remix a track, but we are looking for high level remixes not poor lazy efforts, so make it your best.

How to upload your final remix:

Upload your final file as a 320k mp3 on your promodj page as a remix [do not allow downloads], then post your link to the file onto the competition blog we have created and leave it there and wait for some feedback, simple.

Do not spam the blog with comments about other peoples remixes or your own, if you want to talk about a persons remix then discuss it off the competition blog.
The two winners [if there are two that cut it] will be chosen and will get released on the record label and recieve a royalty agreement contract and any earnings. It will be sold in all online stores and be promoted to some top jocks to be played out in clubs and radio shows all over.

How we are judging the winners:

The winners are not the most favourite tracks on PROMODJ, they are not the ones with the most plays or the most comments, they are quite simple the remixes that fit the label, sound the best to us and the ones we [JP & Paul] love the most.

Do you still feel you got what it takes to be among our high caliber roster, then get to it!

We look forward to all your efforts.


Paul & JP [The Disclosure Project]

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23 March 2011 15:25
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