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Dmitriu Slon ( Russian Time Recordings)

Dmitriu Slon

Main: Techno Favorite Styles: 2 Step, Acid Techno, Bassline, Bouncy Techno, Deep House, Deep Techno, Detroit Techno, Dub Techno, Electro House, Electro Techno, Funky Techno, Hard Techno, Hardcore, House, Minimal Techno, Nu Disco, Progressive House, Schranz, Soulful House, Speed Garage, Tech House, Tribal House, Turntablism, UK Garage

(Russian Time Recordings)

(“Russian Time” radio show/Vombat Radio, Warszawa)

(“Urban Wave” radio show/On-line radio station “Esthetics”)

(“Russian Time” radio show/Radio Hard FM, Moscow)


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Dmitriu Slon

He managed to attend Russian and Ukrainian, European Clubs as a deejay, takes part in various Raves, Open-Airs and Festivals.

Nowadays Dmitriu Slon is a talented deejay with many years of experience, always playing fresh and exclusive material in Techno, Minimal Techno, Tech House, Progressive House, Hard Techno, Hardcore styles. He writes his own music in these styles and does not stick to the standards, constantly experiments with the sound. Dmitriu Slon hosts his program "Russian Time" on the on-line radio station "Esthetics". His first release took place in 2007, "Russian Time" on Vombat Radio (Warszawa) release which was in 2008. In 2008 opened his own label, Russian Time Recordings, where he produces his tracks.In 2011 he becomes a resident of Radio Hard FM (Moscow) / "Russian Time" Radioshow.

Resident: “Russian Time Recordings”, “Vombat Radio” (Warszawa), on-line radio station “Esthetics”, Radio Hard FM (Moscow).

Performance of Dmitriu Slon means that the dancing crowd is absorbed and driven to the dance floor ecstasy by the powerful sound and unearthly power!!! Thousands of clubbers will merge in the euphoria of dance!

Performance of Dmitriu Slon makes one feel a good quality sound of electronic music and turns the night into the unbelievable staggering show.

His performance is a guarantee of the club being overcrowded that will deliver a united rhythm dance (fight) until the last sound! During Dmitriu Slon’s sets, it is impossible to resist the impulse piercing the listener’s flash. His set is the mix of various moods and rhythms one has to yield to.

The highest, finite, and the only goal is to motivate people to dance. A good deejay is not the one who has good records but one who is capable to set and control the mood, wind the public up, draw it to the state of explosion on the music-molecular level. DJ Dmitriu Slon plays for the sake of burst of emotions in each and every person.


Club “1 Rock” (Shadow) (Moscow), Club “Plan B” (Moscow), Club “All Svoi” (Moscow), Club “Caviar”, Club “Mendeleev Project” (Moscow), Club “Play Café” (Moscow), DJ Café-Club “Norm” (Moscow), Art Club “Rain-Major” (Moscow), Club “El Bosco” (Izhevsk), Club “SKAZKA” (Dmitrov), Club “Matrix” (Kursk), Club “Tornado” (Lipetsk), Club “Meridian” (Kharkov), “5th Element” (Zaporozhye), “Stomach” (Kharkov), Club “AZIA” (Sevastopol), Club “Zeon” (Simferopol), Club 86 (Simferopol), Club “100pudoff” (Simferopol), Club Dr. Nagval (Simferopol), DJ Café MUSSON (Semeis), Club “Fixius” (Simferopol), ReZpublika Kazantip (Yevpatoriya), Intergalactic Symposium “Or-Bita” (Tschelkino), Club “Green Beach” (Koktebel), Beach Club 117 (Feodosiya), Beach Club “Ocean” (Feodosiya), Sun Set Beach (Sudak “Asia” (Feodosiya), etc. 

Reference to the mix:

DJ Dmitriu Slon - Russian Time Booking - Preview

Fee: Rider (downloads)


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You can send and enquiry regarding the performance arrangement, interview and other events with Dmitriu Slon participation to the following address:



Rus:  +7(978)037-38-08




We are looking forward to the further cooperation with you

Russian Time Booking Manager








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Dmitriu Slon

I like: Жизнь

I hate: Ложь

I recommend: Любить друг, друга!!! И творить Добро

I am interested in: Развитием

Dmitriu Sykhov
Main style: Techno
Favorite styles: 2 Step, Acid Techno, Bassline, Big Beat, Bouncy Techno, Breaks, Breakstep, Chillstep, Deep House, Deep Techno, Detroit Techno, Disco, Dub, Dub Techno, Dubstep, Electro, Electro House, Electro Progressive, Electro Techno, Electroclash, Experimental, Fidget House, Florida Breaks, French Electro, French House, Funky Breaks, Funky House, Funky Techno, Future Garage, Future House, G-House, Garage, Ghetto House, Ghettotech, Grime, Hard Techno, Hardcore, House, Indie Dance, Industrial Techno, Jazz, Latin House, Lounge, Microhouse, Minimal Techno, New Rave, Nu Breaks, Nu Disco, Nu Jazz, Post Dubstep, Progressive Breaks, Progressive House, Rave, Schranz, Soulful House, Speed Garage, Synth-Pop, Tech House, Trap, Tribal House, Trip-Hop, Tropical House, Turntablism, UK Funky, UK Garage, Vocal House
DJ, producer, radioshow, promoter, vocalist, poet, collaborations since 1997
Performance: 2 hours
Location: Russia, Moscow
Resident: Vobmat Radio (Warszawa), Russian Time Recordings (Moscow), Москве (Moscow), Vombat Radio (Warszawa), Онлайн радиостанция Эстетика (Moscow), Эстетика (Moscow), Vombat Radio (Warszawa)
Guest: Тuning Hall (Moscow), 1 ROCK (Тень) (Moscow), Арт-кафе «Дождь»: м. Семеновская, ул. Измайловский вал, д.2 (Moscow), DJ Cafe-Club Норма (Moscow), Play Cafe, Старая Басманная 20/1 (Moscow), ТЕХНОПРОМЧИК (Moscow), Икра (Moscow), Plan B (Moscow), Все Свои (Moscow), Mendeleev Project (Moscow), Арт клуб Дождь-Мажор / Измайловский Вал, дом 2. Вход со двора (Moscow), EL Bosco (Izhevsk), Клуб SKAZKA (Dmitrov), Торнадо (Lipeck), Матрица (Kursk), РеZпублика Kazantip (Evpatoriya), Межгалактический Симпозиум “Or-Бита (SCHyolkino), Vombat (Warszawa), 5th Element (Zaporozhe), “Живот” (Harkov), Меридиан (Harkov), Муссон (Simeiz), AZIA (Sevastopol), Fixius г.Симферополь (Simferopol), Zeon (Simferopol), 86 (Simferopol), 100pudoff (Simferopol), Dr.Nagval (Simferopol), Green Пляж (Koktebel), Gemini (Koktebel), SunSet (Sudak), Океан (Feodosiya), 117 (Feodosiya), Пятак (Feodosiya), клуб Арлекин (Feodosiya), Asia (Feodosiya), НК Zurbagan (Feodosiya)
Frequent visitor: Kraken (Feodosiya)
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