ЮжУралЭкспо, CHelyabinsk, 22:00 // 7 November 2008
ЮжУралЭкспо, CHelyabinsk, 22:00 // 28 June 2008


Konstantin Bolshakov
Main style: Trap
Favorite styles: Dutch House, Moombahcore, Moombahton, Ragga Jungle, Tribal House
DJ, promoter since 1992
Performance: from $1,000 / 3 hours
Location: Russia, Ekaterinburg
Resident: Night club Hollywood (CHelyabinsk), H2O (CHelyabinsk), Black House (Sharm el-Sheikh), red bar and grill (Sharm el-Sheikh), От заката до рассвета Sharm El Shaikh (Sharm el-Sheikh), Pacha (Sharm el-Sheikh)
Guest: ЮжУралЭкспо (CHelyabinsk), FARAON Club (Kustanai), Театро (Ufa), Театро (CHelyabinsk), Garage Underground (CHelyabinsk), Limit  (Kustanai), Infiniti (Nyagan), НК МАКСИ (Megion), Клуб СЕТКА (Miass), Club Строитель (Novouralsk), Coffee Bar (Novouralsk (Sverdlovskaya obl.)), L- radio 104.9 fm (CHelyabinsk), Patong Beach (Pattaya), VOLAR , Hong Kong, Central (Hong Kong), dragon-i (Hong Kong), no.9 (Hong Kong), alice club (Dalian), Baby Face (Pekin), Night Cafe Carlsberg (CHelyabinsk), El Fanar (Sharm el-Sheikh), Toda Joia (Sharm el-Sheikh), White Star The Hottest EURO Night Club (Detroit), La Vita roof club (Sharm el-Sheikh), Setka (Miass), Havana (Ekaterinburg), Hollywood (CHelyabinsk), траттория Тесто Песто (Ekaterinburg), Murena beach club (Eilat), La Vita (Habarovsk), H501 (Kair), "Touch" (Eilat)
Was just once: НК Монте Карло (CHelyabinsk), НК Скважина г.Ноябрьск, Black Hole club Dallas sity (Dallas), Pacha (London)
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Dj bigban in the life of Konstantin Bolshakov
Is the most important and iconic figure of Chelyabinsk and the well-known representatives of the Ural DJing
He has over 15 years of happy people with their creativity
His career began in the 90s most
Currently, he is not just a DJ
He is the creator of the legendary Quadro!
Holder of such major raves such as:
"Transcription" and "space"
He worked on some platforms with Mike Koglin, Adam White, Mark Pledger, Aleksey Sonar, Volodya Fonar and many others

1992 first outing to the gym club pyramid of Sverdlovsk

1995 move to Chelyabinsk going to university. parallel to the top of the club "The Wall". then invited to work in clubs Stroyak, Aurora, a frequent guest club 30ka, Bunker, Alligator and GARGE anderground.

2001 a temporary break in his career,

2002 contract with klubomBLACKHOLE DALLAS

2003 return to Russia in Chelyabinsk of the launch of H2O in the clubs, IBIZA,

2004 contract for 6mth ASIAMARLBOROGROOP with frequent trips to Asia with a tour of Marlborough

2005god start work at the club HOLLYWOOD parallel party RnB projects with GETTOBLASTA in Clubs Theatres, H2O, DJ PARK cooperation with the holding metropolitan area in the cities of Chelyabinsk and Ufa. Resident openair GOLDENBEACH.

completely refused residency in the club in Chelyabinsk, and concentrated on toured and organization of trans raves

c 2009, is a frequent guest

Volar, NO.9 - Gonkong,

Patong Beach - Tailand,

Baby Face, alice club - China.

with the fall of 2010 was moved to Egypt to be more precise in Sharm El Sheikh

and focused on project organization H2O includes beachopenair H2O and H2O club as well as the promotion of a style label with the same name

Resident Black House club Sharm El Shaikh & RED bar

as a frequent guest of El Fanar, Toda Joia

since the summer of 2012 to the spring of 2013 a resident of PACHA Sharm El Shaikh

currently live in the city of Yekaterinburg engaging tour activity