Sergey Zavyalov
Main style: Electro House
Favorite styles: Ambient, British Rap, Chillout, Dub, Dubstep, Garage, Hip House, Hip-hop/Rap, House, New Age, Old School Rap, Trance
DJ, producer, MC, vocalist, poet, clubber, listener since 2011
Performance: 8 hours
Location: Russia, Astrahan
Guest: кафе Твоя ночь (Astrahan)
Frequent visitor: Н.К. Малина (Astrahan), КРК Даир (Astrahan)
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60 27 PR 1,6 ▲ 320 Trance
Опять написал что-то непонятное, но вторая половина этого трека заставила его выложить... 
69 8 PR 0,2 ▲ 320 Progressive House
141 2 11 PR 0,5 ▲ 320 Electro Progressive
Написал трек с полной обработкой всех инструментов в плагине Guitar Rig 5...... 
42 5 PR 0,1 ▲ Hip-hop/Rap, Old School Rap
128 4 7 PR 1,2 ▲ 320 Hip-hop/Rap, Old School Rap
78 3 8 PR 0,3 ▲ 320 Dub
Сидел и думал, чё это за стиль такой! может вы моиожете)) буду... 
75 1 PR 0 ▲ 320 House, Electro House
64 13 PR 0,3 ▲ 320 Electro Progressive
185 12 PR 0,6 ▲ 320 Big Beat
Может кому то не понравиться! Решил посмотреть, как армейская песня под гитару... 
82 5 PR 0,1 ▲ 320 Hip-hop/Rap
первыймой минус, писаный в нексусе!!! Очень мощный плагин!!! 
60 5 PR 0,5 ▲ 320 Hip-hop/Rap
190 10 39 PR 2 ▲ 320 Electro House, Happy Hardcore
111 3 16 PR 0,5 ▲ 320 Electro House
59 7 PR 0,2 ▲ 320 Drum & Bass
161 14 PR 1 ▲ 320 East Coast Rap
Пьёш ЯГУ- родиш шнягу!!!!!!!!!! 
136 2 47 PR 2,2 ▲ 320 Hip-hop/Rap, Alternative Rap
моей любимой   
142 96 PR 5 ▲ Electro House, Garage
dj BeatOK

Dj BeatOK, it Sergey Zavyalov has begun the musical career in 2001, having begun to do in real earnest a guitar. With it it was helped by its "uncle" Barkalov Vladimir. Couple of months of persistent work and ten complete sets of fragmentary strings have made of it the street guitarist who seldom left for any holidays or events without a guitar from what the authority on a circle hi has deserved friends and acquaintances!!! 

But the love to music has not come to the end with a guitar, in 2005, at 17 summer age it has got the akkordeon. From for interest to this tool it had to descend on pair lessons of game on akkordeon  and its ear for music no kill, in 2 weeks Sergey already played some domestic songs and ten usual melodies.

 Later time in 2008 it wanted that on more seriously and having bought the computer it has started to search for programs on a writing of electronic music!!! That without understanding in sphere of an electronic writing of music dj BeatOK has started to master firm "EJey" programs - ' hip-hop 4 ', ' dance 5 ' and ' Techno ', but sense from them no (Or with a program nurseries, something did not catch up). 

 In April 2010 it has got acquainted with musician Hasanovym Nailem ($MaD~DoG $) which "hip-hop", writes a minus in style "Gangsta", "R&B" on program Cubase SX3 and writes verses...

Now Sergey studies programs Cubase SX3 and Cubase SX5 and tries to write the tracks which you can here and hear...

I like: красивую клубную музыку и много девушек на танцполе.

I hate: когда тупит комп и виснет Cubase 5.....

I recommend: Освоить зверскую машину по написанию электрона- Cubase 6!!!

I am interested in: Всем подряд!!! В данный момент работаю над обработкой вокала в целом.

I know: что ты ни чего незнаешь!!!

I can: Играть на гитаре, фортепиано, губной гармошке, аккодеоне и на нервах у своей любимой жены!!!!!