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D8R (Gorod)

Was born on January, 19th 1998 In Settlement Plastun. On a nationality - Russian. Years with 12 I began to be interested in a rap after has heard the Track (the Kapy-porno under a foreshortening...) In 13лет to 2011 wrote an album with the friend (AIND Dmitry Galjamov.) In an album was about 15 tracks. And One MONASTERY. The album is not added. And Here In 2012. I begin will write a new Album in an album of 18 tracks of the name of an album yet Have not thought up... Ours-yod of Club music. I do album Russian Electro the album in 2012 Will be let out. Now I do music on (FL Studio) (Adobe Audition) and (VIRTUAI Dj)...

Денис Русанов
Main style: Hip-hop/Rap
Favorite styles: Acid, Breaks, Comedy Rap, Crunk, Dirty Rap, Diss, Drum & Bass, Electro House, House, Instrumental, Techno, Trance
DJ, producer, MC
Location: Russia, Habarovsk
Frequent visitor: клуб портал (Plastun)
Was just once: клуб портал (Plastun)