Dj Clyde

Dmitry "Dj Clyde" was born in 1979 in Rostov on Don. He began his creative path Dee Jay in 1997 in Rostov on Don. In 1997 he became a resident DJ at "Aladdin", one of the few at that time clubs. Work at the club "Aladdin", was fruitful and has served as an acquaintance with Rostov Dj `s like: Dj Sergey Pimenov, Dj Kust, Dj Ray, Dj Lena, Dj Zoomer, Dj Korzh, Dj Romb. In 1998, in Rostov on Don opened the first big club city club "Big Sound", in which the first day of opening a permanent resident of the club. It is a work in the club led to a familiarity with the best art director of Rostov on Don, a leading, colleague and friend Sergei Vysotsky, and many other excellent people. 1998 participated in 103 radio program "Do not sleep" which was created and led Dj Sergey Pimenov Since 1998 began to play at major venues in the city. The first platform, together with Sergey Vysotsky was a palace of sports, in whose territory the day of performances had gathered more than 7000 people, the first successful performance of Dj Clyde on a large site. 2000, to the creative team of the club "Big Sound", was joined by Dj Boyko, Dj R-tem, Dj Funky talented and great guys. 2001, invited the resident of club "Flamingo" city Bataisk (draft Sergei Vysotsky) 2001 summer season, resident, together with Dj Dj Ray and Lena, the water park "Dolphin" Black Sea coast. 2002, resident in club "Titanic" Rostov on Don in the same year, met with Dj Hacker (Pyatigorsk), Dj Voron (Pyatigorsk), Dmitry Chupakhin (Rostov on Don) and Dmitri White (Rostov on Don), 2004. Invite to work as a resident club "People" Rostov on Don (draft Sergei Vysotsky). Club of "People" immediately begins to gain popularity in the city, and after 3 months is the best club in Rostov on Don and field. In early 2005, the club "People" officially recognize the best and most profitable projects! Work at the club "People" leads to an acquaintance with a colleague, a talented and wonderful person, and in the future another - Alexander Ivanov (Dj Smile Moscow). Just met with such remarkable people as: Sergey Gusev (Moscow), Yuri Oscars (Moscow), Dj Chernov (Dima Chernov, Moscow), Fabio Constantino (Italia), Sonny Warton (London), Dj Misha Miller (Moscow), On-site club "People" was working with a remarkable group of and the people of the Russian show business and Europe: The moral code, Valery Miladze, Vladimir Kuzmin, the Prime Minister, brilliant, Yuri Oscar, Fabio Constantino (Italia), Sonny Warton (London), Dj Smile Moscowi many other. 2004, summer, Dj Clyde takes part in the large Russian Tour with advertising support for the company "Pantech", organized by the Moscow concert agency Melafon headed by Alexander Ivanov (Dj Smile Moscow). Dee Jay's Declaration of the city of Rostov on Don. The action took place at the Dynamo stadium in Rostov on Don. 2004 releases mix titled - Summer finally comes to the label "Snoohiboochi" released in 2005 by a gift mix firm order Regatta branded "White Birch" in 2005, receives an invitation to become a resident, directly from the two clubs "Choice" and "Paradox" of the city Rostov on Don. Since 2005, Dj Clyde became a resident of three best clubs in the city of Rostov on Don - "People", "Choice" and "Paradox". Since 2005, becomes the representative of the concert agency Melafon "(Moscow), in Rostov on Don and the Rostov region. 2009 resident of club "Diesel" in Rostov on Don in 2009 opens the Concert Agency "Chercher Le Famme" in Rostov on Don. During all this time to work on one site with: Dj Smile Moscow, Dj Legos (Moscow), Dj Bumblebee (Moscow), Dj Miller (Moscow), Dj Grad (Moscow), Dj Kolya (Moscov), Dj Groove (Moscow), Dj Boris (Moscow), Dj Cosinus (Saint Petersburg), Fabio Constantino (Italia), Dj Chernov (Moscow), Dj Bond (Rostov on Don), Dj Haker (Pyatigorsk), Dj Voron (Pyatigorsk), Dj Pioneer (Rostov on Don), Dima White (Rostov on Don), Dima Chupakhin (Rostov on Don), Alexander King (Rostov on Don), Dj Sergey Pimenov (Rostov on Don), Dj Koost (Rostov on Don), Dj Ray (Rostov on Don ), Dj Lena (Rostov on Don), Dj Zoomer (Rostov on Don), Dj Gariy (Rostov on Don), Dj Korzh (Rostov on Don), Dj Romb (Rostov on Don), Dj Kirilich (Rostov on Don), Dj Nail (Rostov on Don), Dr. Flash (Rostov on Don), Dj Boyko (Rostov on Don), Dj R-tem (Rostov on Don), Dj Funky (Rostov on Don), Dj Parfenov (Rostov on Don), and many others ... Group: Umaturman, moral code, Valery Miladze, Vladimir Kuzmin, the Prime Minister, brilliant, Yuri Oscars, Hi-Fi, Mitya Fomin, Alex, Dirty Rotten Con ... I am thankful for having met such remarkable people, and for the fact that many of them have become my friends! THANK YOU!

Dj Clyde Dmitriy Clyde
Main style: House
Favorite styles: Chillout, Club House, Disco House, Electro House, Funk, Funky House, Lo-Fi, Lounge, Progressive House, Tech House, Tribal House
DJ, listener since 1997
Performance: 2 hours
Location: Russia, Rostov-na-Donu
Resident: 99 Francs (Rostov-na-Donu), Courchevel 1850 (Rostov-na-Donu), Французский квартал (Rostov-na-Donu), Tesla (Rostov-na-Donu), Бархат (Rostov-na-Donu), Голос (Adler), Ля-Мажор (Rostov-na-Donu), Люди (Rostov-na-Donu), TITANIC (Rostov-na-Donu), Flamingo (Bataisk), Big Sound (Rostov-na-Donu), Alladin (Rostov-na-Donu)
Frequent visitor: Ажиотаж (Rostov-na-Donu), Парк Культуры (Rostov-na-Donu), Dizel (Rostov-na-Donu), НК Нил (Stavropol)
Was just once: Фасоль (Rostov-na-Donu), Edison (Rostov-na-Donu)
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