Bryan Lennox
Main style: Hip-hop/Rap
Favorite styles: Hip House
DJ, producer
I'm Bryan Lennox, not a Big one ;)
Dj Lennox

I have been dj-ing now for just over 12 years throughout upstate New York and northern Virginia. It has been a roller coaster, filled with lots of fun and adventures. When I first started this business, I was 15 years old playing a 5 disc changer through some old house speakers. I got the idea stocking coolers at the Wayside Tavern in Russell NY and watching the DJ. He would have everyone watching him and yet he was cool as a cucumber. He played the music all night long and everyone was loving it. I thought to myself, why can't I DJ? Why can't I rock out all night long? So I went home and printed out some business cards. From there I did some very small gigs at parties and a few jobs at schools. I saved up from those events and borrowed some money from my dad and bought a whole DJ system from Northern Music and Video in Potsdam NY. From there I did some dances at schools all over St. Lawrence County. I even filled in at the infamous Wayside Tavern from time to time. In 2001, I graduated from high school and moved to sunny Virginia. This was how I went from a small time wanna be DJ to sought after entertainer of the masses. I couldn't get a DJ gig for a while down there. Everyone was squared away for musical entertainment. I would keep getting the run around until the fall of 2003. That's when the sun finally started to shine. I was playing basketball at the YMCA when a friend mentioned that he was going to open a bar. He said he had no DJ. I told him about how I dj-ed in New York and would love to play at his bar. He gave me a trial run on opening night. We had the place packed. I mean elbow room only. I played better than I ever had before that night. I played there ... Fatty J's, for the next 12 months or so. Toward the end, it was starting to get old playing the same place every weekend, so I switched it up and played some other spots in Fredericksburg, aka Fred Vegas. From there, I decided to move back to New York after my apartment was mysteriously broken into and I lost all of my DJ equipment. Now I'm back up north where I feel more at home and more comfortable dj-ing and entertaining than I ever have before. I put out that vibe at the events I play and it seems to go on for the whole night. A lot of my business has been repeat customers or word of mouth. You can only rely on that for so long. Hence, that's the reason for the website. I haven't played with a lot of other acts, but here are a couple: Silent Critics ... a Virginia acoustic band and Northern Southerners ... a hip hop group from Virginia.

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