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г. Червень, дискоклуб KLETKA, CHerven, 21:00 // 30 October 2010
Electro House

BAZZURA PROJECT -  is a project of 2009, which involved 2 talented person. More precisely, DJ MAZ [PROJECT], composer Di$kod@cK.


DJ Strigankov - you've already heard on some mashups, you can also see here

=> <=, and here you can read all the information about me.

Di$kod@cK - this is a great composer, to whom I must say a huge THANK YOU for what he is helping me lately. He develops software for DJing, which then writes the music from scratch.


Each member of the project has its own profile, with whom he copes, which contributes to the successful development of the project and commit samoreklam, arranged for our show. We are trying our project to succeed, and we have it pretty well.


Styles that we're going to unwind our project:
1. Electro Progressive
2. Electro house
3. Electropop
4. Lo-Fi
5. Drum'n'Bass
6. JumpStyle

7. Dutch house

8. French electro 






I like: DJ MAZ [PROJECT] - люблю слушать жесткую музыку в стиле Electro, и очень люблю. Di$kod@cK - я люблю делать музыку с нуля.

I hate: DJ MAZ [PROJECT] - ненавижу очень сильно ложь и воровство треков. Di$kod@cK - ненавижу ложь, обман.

I recommend: DJ MAZ [PROJECT] - рекомендую всем закончить школу DJ'ев. Di$kod@cK - рекомендую свою музыку и помощь.

I am interested in: DJ MAZ [PROJECT] - интересуюсь новыми стилями музыки и новыми DJ'ями. Di$kod@cK - интересуюсь новыми программами для DJ.

I know: DJ MAZ [PROJECT] - знаю как свести 2 трека и не только. Di$kod@cK - знаю нотную грамоту.

I can: DJ MAZ [PROJECT] - умею играть и преподносить людям жесткую музыку. Di$kod@cK - умею играть, писать и преподносить людям музыку.

Стриганков Кирилл (DJ Strigankov), Челядюк Дмитрий (Di$kod@cK)
Main style: Electro Progressive
Favorite styles: Club House, Dancecore, Disco House, Drum & Bass, Dutch House, Electro House, Electro Techno, Electroclash, Electronic Body Music, Eurodance, Fidget House, Funk, Hard House, Hardcore, Hardstyle, House, Italo Disco, Jazz-Rap, JumpStyle, Latin House, Lo-Fi, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Pumping House, R&B, Tech House, Techno, Trance, Tribal House, Vocal House, Vocal Trance
DJ, producer, MC, photographer, vocalist, clubber, listener, collaborations since 2008
Performance: from $25 / 1 hour
Location: Belarus, Minsk
Guest: г. Червень, дискоклуб KLETKA (CHerven)
Frequent visitor: CLUB LAVINA (Uzda), Школа №3 (Minsk), Средняя школа №124 (Minsk)
Was just once: Школа №83 (Minsk), ДЭНС-СИНДРОМ(Юношеский) (Minsk)
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