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Diana "Di" Bauer Stan "Stack" Bauer
Main style: Trance
Favorite styles: Ambient, Breaks, Downtempo, Drum & Bass, Synth-Pop
Frequent visitor: Overdrive Underground (Chicago)
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In The Light We See.Coming To Beatport February 1st.Help Us Help Haiti.
Andromeda Recordings Group

In August of 2007 Andromeda Recordings launched its first release entitled Andromeda Rising Vol. I. Since then many artists have found their first release on ADR, as well as a few established producers. The goal for ADR was to ensure that everyone had the opportunity that others have been given over the years, and to have their first release available to the public and therefore enabling them to evolve as musicians while building their confidence to continue. With everything in life there has to be someone that is willing to take a chance in order for the progress of musical evolution to continue, and that is why Andromeda Recordings is known for being one of the artist dedicated labels.

The first year saw the birth of many talented artists like Mixed Spirit, Oliver Carr, Di, D:FOLT, Liquid Vision, and Alex Armes. As well as the established producer such as Eddie Sender, Aquile & TB, Orange, to name a few.

Now in 2009 we have had the pleasure of evolution ourselves. With the new affiliation we are enjoying from Mark Abbott & Chris Chambers, our good friends at LabelWORX we are FINALLY seeing our hopes and dreams for our artists become a reality, not only for them, but for us as well.  With a better opportunity to promote our artists and their work, and support from some wonderful new friends, we think we are on the way to a stunning 2009. We hope you will enjoy what ADR and our Artists have planned for the coming year, as we are very excited to bring you another year of musical awesomeness.

Much Respect From All of Us
Diana "Di" Bauer, President/CEO
Stan "Stack" Bauer, Label Manager


Help us, Help Haiti!

As the world's attention draws to the horrific tragedy that has befallen the people of Haiti, we have all thought of things we could do to help. Many are gathering clothing and food, while others reach into their pockets to see what they have to give. The terrifying pictures and video we have all seen are sobering and surreal, and help us all return to the very stark reality that we are all in this together, no matter where we are in this world


On Friday, January 15, 2010, a calling was put out to the Friends and Family of the Andromeda Recordings Group to see what we could possibly to help these people. The concept, which began with Di pledging to donate all of the proceeds of her forthcoming remix as Aeriah called "Let Me In" to the Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund, was to be an album of around 8 tracks to hopefully further maximize the chances to help. 48 hours later, "In The Light We See" was a reality as one by one, more and more artists came in with tracks for the effort. 8 tracks and a prayer quickly grew to 18 tracks and a power, with music from a number of genres from trance to progressive, from industrial to acid, to house and back again, further fueling the passion behind the cause. In one weekend, these artists from 10 countries around the world brought the power of what they do best in an amazing showing of brotherhood and unity with one collective heart.


Some of the tracks you will hear were projects that were to be from future releases, while others were conceived and recorded during that weekend. Still more are remixes from past and future releases. Some of the names you see involved are long standing Family members of Andromeda and Elliptical Recordings while others may have never released on these labels. There are even debut efforts from new up and coming artists, in the Andromeda tradition. The end result is simply amazing and unbelievable, with something for literally every electronic music lover contained within. All having come together in 48 hours from conception to distribution.


100% of all proceeds generated by these tracks, whether individually or collectively purchased, will go directly to the Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund. This will not change, even after the news stories have stopped and the pictures cease to haunt us on a daily basis. The tragedy and continuing need will not end any time soon.


It is our sincere hope that this gathering of incredibly talented international artists can help everyone to see that we are all indeed one, because as the night fades, "In The Light We See"..... Enjoy and thank you for your hopeful support in this cause.


Sincerely, With Gratitude And Honor,

The Andromeda Recordings Group



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18 January 2010 21:03
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Cosmic Eclipse ep.100 with Stack & Di - TONIGHT - LIVE on The Overdrive Underground Network


Привет Всем! Приглашаем Вас присоеденится к празныванию юбилейного эпизода Cosmic Eclipse на


Слушать через плеер


Смотреть видео - Live from studio with Stack & Di on

The Last Emotions :)
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3 December 2009 2:40
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Cosmic Eclipse ep.099 with Stack & Di - TONIGHT - LIVE on The Overdrive Underground Network

Cosmic Eclipse ep.099 with Stack & Di - TONIGHT - LIVE on The Overdrive  Underground Network


Hi everyone! We invite you njoy with us tonight show! Live from studio with Stack & Di on

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1 December 2009 4:46
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Elliptical Rec. Pres. - W&D - Clear Blue Deep [EPT043] :: Leftfield & Chill Out


Greetings Dear Friends,

With the holidays around the corner we would like to take this time to wish you all a very safe and a very happy season. From our own tradition we wish you a Very Merry Christmas, and for your Traditional Holiday we wish you whatever it is you celebrate at this time of year. So on that note, we hope you enjoy this gift from W & D and from us at Elliptical Recordings, and hope it will bring you much joy and peace with your family and the ones you love most. We have enjoyed sending you our promos over this past year and thank you dearly for the support and feedback that you have given to our label and our family or artists. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you do, not only bringing the world the music that is loved by many, but for sharing your talents with us as well.

We wish you much success in the coming year and will look forward to bringing you more of what we believe is amazing talent in 2010.

Best Regards & Merry Christmas,
The Elliptical Recordings Team :))))))))

The Russian duo of W&D are one of the proudest electronic exports from St. Petersburg, and have delighted trance and chill fans with an incredible catalog of originals and remixes on a number of labels, including Elliptical. However, with the pending holidays and chilling temperatures in the northern hemisphere, W&D decided to bring us a holiday gift of all chill and ambient titles with Clear Blue Deep. For chill fans, this truly is a gift-wrapped treasure from one of the best ambient producing acts in the world. There is not a single title here that does not lend itself to an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, love and warmth. And the brotherhood extends to a collaborative effort with their good friend Broning as a bonus.

Build a fire in the hearth, grab a blanket with the one you love, and treat yourself to a true experience of electronic ecstasy with Clear Blue Deep. A holiday treat that is better than a cup of hot chocolate with a peppermint stick..... Enjoy!!


Will be released on Beatport at Dec. 21

Leftfield & Chill Out
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1 December 2009 0:54
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