Экватор, Staryi Oskol, 22:00 // 18 May 2012
Tech House
Экватор, Staryi Oskol, 22:00 // 12 May 2012
Экватор, Staryi Oskol, 21:00 // 16 March 2012
Tijuana pub, Staryi Oskol, 21:00 // 24 December 2011
Tijuana, Staryi Oskol, 21:00 // 10 December 2011
Progressive Trance
Ведущий, МС на ваш праздник, вечеринку. +79252997917 / 9045393910
Andrey Hameleon [ S.S.O.D.A.™ ]

Andrey Hameleon – DJ, MC, the promoter


Experience of the leader, love to parties and active student's activity have led to that in 2008 of Andrey invite as МС to student's disco of "Omega" which passed in sports palace. Further, in the same place, will organise several student's parties. With 2009 to study dj'ing and already through short time interval starts to play parties. After that Andrey invite in "S.S.O.D.A. promo group ™". In which structure it acts on series of summer parties «Protechtion» and «Stuff party». In August addresses to 5-thousand audience on closing of the All-Russia forum "Seliger 2009". In the autumn 2009 organises thematic parties from "S.S.O.D.A. promo ™" in DJ-Cafe "Chiko-pizza". Guest set in Belgorod ("Plaza" club - "S.S.O.D.A project ™" - party "Freak Parad III").

At the moment, Andrey Hameleon actively acts as the participant of Dj-project "S.S.O.D.A.", and independent. Organise parties and works МС.

"S.S.O.D.A. promo group ™":

Andrey Hameleon
Nikkato Syzer;
Limmi Scintilla;
Antosha Timashov;
Yugga Kleff;
Vova Red.

I like: позитивную музыку и поорать в микрофон))

I hate: *pizdabolov =D

I recommend: ★ S.S.O.D.A. project™ ★

I am interested in: фсем))

I know: trance - best music in the world !!!

I can: творить =)

Andrey Hameleon
Main style: Progressive Trance
Favorite styles: Breaks, Electro, Electro House, Electro Progressive, Hard House, Hard Trance, Tech House, Tech Trance, Trance, Vocal House
DJ, MC, promoter, clubber since 2008
Performance: 1.5 hours
Location: Russia, Staryi Oskol
Resident: S._S._O._D._A.__project™ (Staryi Oskol), РК Экватор (Staryi Oskol)
Guest: ЧИКО-ПИЦЦА (Staryi Oskol)
Frequent visitor: Tijuana Pab (Staryi Oskol), Малина (Staryi Oskol), диско-бар Лунный свет (г. Старый Оскол), дворец спорта Дискотека Омега (Staryi Oskol), Мармеладо (Staryi Oskol)
Was just once: Плаза (Belgorod)
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