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Main style: Illbient
Favorite styles: Breaks, Drum & Bass, Experimental, Hardcore, Hip-hop/Rap, House, Lo-Fi, Minimal Techno, Noise, R&B, Techno, Trance, Turntablism
DJ, producer, promoter since 2006
Performance: from €60 / 45 min
Location: Russia, Voronezh
Was just once: Паб 100 Ручьев г. Воронеж (Voronezh)
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Иллюзион, Voronezh, 16:00 // 18 May 2009
столовка, где продают чебуреки, на против гл. корпуса ВГАСУ, Voronezh, 16:00 // 19 December 2008
ул. 20-летия Октября, д. 84, второй учебный корпус, актовый зал на 4м этаже, Voronezh, 17:00 // 23 October 2008
Progressive House
Сто ручьев, Voronezh, 02:00 // 3 April 2008
бог и сатана против ПЕТИ! 

PETYA - is a project-absurdity. The Project, concerning with everything in the world – with a music, design, painting, drawing, video, performance, philosophy, psychology, literature, dance, historian, sociology, economy, actionism, wizardry, physics, informatics, to be short PETER can include inself everything, so it depends on situations. The Project is so much absurd that disagrees to itself and turns to the other side on underside, giving this for essence. Each action and thought are equal and have 2 equal opposite end. They rotate and close into the ring then and there, develop sooner on circle, rather then on spirals. PETER IS APOGEE and phenomena! "Sense of" life. The New wave of punk and avanguard, turned onto itself. Hard-core by it’s back. The Lymph of the world idiocy. The Modern religion nor about nothing. The Worship of to nothing But in too time this is an attempt to get free from the chaos, inactivity and closed space. More simply - "roses on shit do not grow". Grows the ABSURDITY and DADA! So we do the vases from flasks "Coca-cola" and railings from car buses.

In the beginning PETYA was a music so it occupies the important place in creative activity of the project.

The Music is quite different. As a whole and global this ILLBIENT, BASTARD-POP and LO-FI. Combines in itself noise, breakcore, techno, d'n'b, abstract hip-hop, idm, glitch, ambient, metal, hard-core, dance. All this is flourishing with frantic idiosy and foolness. The sound pulls on a determination on bad fun, something foolish, with big claim on MUSIC, absurd and twisted, but from that alive and saturated. The Big part of material is writing without a sound. In the beginning 2 participants were in project. But presently this is a one enormous group of the people, where each adds in PETER that he/she wants. The Group opens for all and has no borders or frames. PETYA GAINS the line to nationalities and antisocial folk.


(text for journal. 1)

Hi!. My name is Anton. I am 20 years. I love the music and drawing. I have a pa and ma. They love me very much. But else i have a sister Julia and cat Gavrusha. He is feathery. Else i want marries to Julia, Lena, Nastya , Genya and beautiful girl from 1332 group, but i do not allow conscience. When i grow, i will be a designer. In general i have said that so no need to write. But PITER (PETYA) is the greatest contradiction, so i do it. No… Certainly it is possible to write: "Checking the knowledge and there is a principle. The Ecology that? Parmesan and bass guitar go on adjustment with MembeR of the pARTy of all round of the tide of the low tide. What difference you ask? Yes here is what respecsys opoladv_vd, moussse four hundred thirty!E 0+Э; //Slime Vpryamuyu to refuse+ There was a comma, but has forgotten it to stay. suddenly from enother side site///d has completely arrived the holiday,,, :6"'. Stema! sing This t., Only in other side ,because-se this not sing but delirium from in general nor under standing what was. The Star. The Sound of cutting gruss herbs//\\ Flowerses And tvor+vaeoayikroaotoyinkAv.a.= ...)0 =sing. So strike nature in k%leno. YOLTAK vots. obligAAte." And this will be a truth. But then nobody will understand the sense. Though me and most occasionally not understandable. I talked to this subjects with Andrey Gorohov, and he has understood everything. Single what has not understood by the critic - "what a person i was?!". In general E-e-ehhh There no wish to write the article! As gravely explain that, what you can’t explane rof yurself, but you are obliged! Because you created this! You! You creator! YOU - GOD!
The Subject of this article - a sport and advertisement. You expected something other other? But not so that about sport and advertisement, particularly if take into account that PETYA is the music? Everybody said very much about that it is necessary to create something absolutely new, which wasn’t open. How much i remember myself, i always try to think so, as do not think another people, approach to decision of the problem so, as nobody, search for the new forms in anything, mix all with all and afterwards from mixed again to disturb and do newly. And here is for the whole its life, i so much overthinking and have overwinded that now it seems to me that searching for something new is not quite that. All the most best already created before us. And so will always. But when we again create novelty, that returns to old and speak: "Here is - NEW!". The Idiocy. Shorter PETER is an endpoint in curl of the social blessed idiocy. This is all about what you even afraid to think. Terribly when all around drunk and merry, but you are not? And presently here is anyone will begin to joke on you. Аnd moreover your jokes are stupid and you quite confused. This is like to shit-out near by beautiful girl, and do the type that this not you. Though all know that this is YOU! You made your “drops” in trousers and speak: "This is not me!". But else interesting in it even who do not see you until now about your careless nesses, and so too do the type like this in order nobody thought that there were they. Here is always so. No take the unflappable type and stand, not without even a feel of sorry. After all here is it - happiness! This that the most captivating liberty, about which can only dream the person. When everything is all the same – it is happiness! You do not answer, you no need to be justified, you not shame on you. PETYA is this entailment in a sound, scene and action? He is this happiness. It is possible to behavior like an idiot, you will be spoken that this is delirium, but you are already know that all were scheduled. In this there is a certain pride The Idea of bad funs works in PETER. So if you say about PETER badly, i do not take an offence, but on turn please that that idea has again operated. You now, my colleague on group at one time dreamed to create such music, from which people was shame on you. If your telephone bell will be a "Pisyulyok" (“Cocky”), you will shame on you.

In general why PETYA appeared. In one day i came on “informatics” without any aim. Sit down for the computer, has installed the music program and begin to write. But there was trouble. There was’n a row . This well. I love the experiments, therefore whole music for sing we write without sound. Why? Well, me simply interesting what it was afterwards. And else then we create the most truthful music, which is written immediately, without any reproducing. Thereby, leaves branded PETYA sound. Rough, uncouth, gritty and as log on fish soup. But interesting. So here is, we create a music when we listen no sound. Firstly i alone did like that. Afterwards my friend liked it. And was carried…. All somehow spontaneous left (well, either as all rest beside PETYA). We always don’t understand – our group was born. It was named PETER therefore that on computer, where were saved compositions, were files of the type "Ivanov. Petrov." or "Genya? Julia.", but there was not PETYA (PETER). Here is we created such file, all music material have there copied and afterwards in honor of this files have named our group.
The Process of the sound writing itself rather original hitherto. First this was as play and a joke. Something like that: "If I shall be strong to hollow on keyboard, anything will change. In this place I placed my ass on it. Here, 2 mousses were connected, but here on one monitor on 3 program immediately. Here is I created the steep bit, but he has taken and all have spoilt by his breakers! But this was done in the shop!". Here is we some time enjoyed. I.e. in general there will be no esthetic in it. Simply it was a global destructive delirium, like "as I merrily have spent time in university while you simply smoked in toilet". It is a way of relaxation. I do not bear in mind relaxation as lying on sofa or walk through the wood. I wanted to say that this is like to go to fight, break anything, make the orgy, to rage on a concert. Here is…. And about a shop and why this article is about a sport. Here is an idea. We never create a music at home. The Main part of material is made in VGASU (institute). There is tracks recorded in computer shops and on some exhibitions. This was of course extreme. Standing up for computer, loading disk or flashcard and producing any manipulates with program while nobody see you or at least once does not disturb, begin to think quicker and quite on the other. And this is the largest interest. But when I asked beside Pea about a label, he has said so: "In principle, desire to publish it on label, this not quite necessary thing. It need to spread it is as low-budget i.e. to copy secretly mp3 on getting on road computers." You there see, nobody have copied you a PETYA? But in general, it is necessary to know how work in this way. Not every man will be agree to run into the first shop or salon and begin to push its infected PETYA flashcard to something. For this it is possible to be punished.

What about advertisements. What delirium PETYA was not, we push it in masses. And this is got sometimes very easy and unexpectble. Somehow I solved to do the sticker of the logotype PETYA and simply distribute whomever. All stickers are horribly liked by people. They then and there turned out to be on mobile telephones, papers, bag, footwear. Folk has asked else. But afterwards else. And else. And began the advertisement, propaganda of sickness. People laughed and asked, when will leave the new album and what place of our body this time we it wrote? Or in turn scolded us and did not understand. One word of the baize about PETYA began to flood the city, I have even said the world. From the very beginning, our "quarries" got ready hit "Pisyulyok" (“Cocky”) (excuse me), which has produced the furor. The final idea was to download it to the telephones (But that? Much even to place). Afterwards the first burning of clean discs began, record 2-uh first album "VGASU" and "Windows XP". They have entered illegal in some music points and were on sale there on fifty rublles apiece. I even did not think that this will become so popular in understandable terms. The rumors about PETYA go in the city. Here, apropos, it is necessary once again to mention Gorohov: "Looks like that PETYA – is actionism in the sense of the young contemporary art (since in old how do I seem especial there is already no an actionism). So this project – is an illustration to certain ideas, dreams. The Result could be not a music, but poetry: just keep with us a sheet of paper and go in shop of the stationery attributes, where possible try the fountain-pen or pencil, add the new word, which we came to mind, or delete, what does not like. Well, such sheet is possible to expose and sell. But it will be impossible to said that it is a poetry. Such history with music." "Only we add to it s new word (on extremely measure, usually so it exist, but this abyss of the words, which we are trying somehow to regularize or on the contrary spread as possible chaotic, in real-time, subjecting ourselves any different "hard" factors. There is absolutely no interesting write the poetry at home, lying down in bed, slowly thinking in your head your thoughts. This something type : "Artist must be hungry" (though I not agree). Or somehow when we were snooped around on underground cave or "abandoned" plant, we were in total caught by the guard. He asked, why we were climbed there? We tried to explain to him clearly and very long that it is some kind of romantic or the extreme, but he argued in inverse and spoke that romanticism, this when sit in a wood, eat a barbeque, the green trees are around and you listen a birds voices. Here is the romanticism and the beauty!"

That I else can say about PETYA? That this shame and disgrace, for which is not painfully, and it so clear. I remember as my parents were thirsted to hear PETYA (well they thought that I only such music can write). Well, visualize, for instance that I settled down on certain functioning and I there is a huge payment, and ma with pa know about this and they very please, but they didn’t now about what concert you do. And here is approaches the moment, when I said them that my functioning was a prostitution and I played a role in porno, there after the move with the horse the fat rich guy feels the erection yes and I seduce the infants by myself and for this I get a big money/ Just imagine the parent’s reaction . Especially their faces…
Else I can advise you PETYA as antimusic for your neighbors. This is really something antineighbors, inhuman in principle. We are sometimes in nauseating. And nor what there ARIA or K.I.SH., or if you want noise, neither metal, nor "Hands in top!" here not to place. PETYA is simply poison and agony. And that interesting - at one time spoke that Kiss is the most heavy music. Afterwards the music obviously harder above mentioned appeared. There is such comrades, who even strove to all more cruel attitude to listener. But here suddenly so left itself that PETYA is above all mentioned. If you find, something worse, that address to us, we shall correct this. And in general in PETYA sometimes acts such principle: if you will do so, that we will reconcile this on underside or shall enter on the contrary. For example to metalist to be a special in his company it is necessary to listen Bekstrit Boyz and Chris Rea. And PETYA the type like that.

Свобода мысли и отсутствие рамок - это здорово! Желаем тебе новых открытий, сынок!
Ого, я думал что ПЕТЯ канул в лето))) В 2006 ещё слушал эти психоделичные мотивы и радовался)))
Да ты сумашееедшшииййй(ЕЕЕЕ)!!!
это ПЕТЯ® Эксклюзив
Это божественно...
оо чуваки, серьёзно. если выложу свои старые бредовые работы, обязательно дам ссылку)) респект за сумашествие))
даймне порошок!
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