Мой новый трек Jealous в компиляции Arnej "Musical Evolution"


Рад сообщить, если кто-то вобще читает, что мой трек Jealous попал в компиляцию Arnej "Musical Evolution".

Пресс релиз::

Musical Evolution, what is it?

"The dictionary meaning of evolution is a progressive change, development, growth. The musical meaning is not far from it, a gradual growth and progression of music over time. The concept of musical evolution is not a new one and certainly not one that is bound to any specific genre, it is however almost but a forgotten one. Let's roll back the time gates, when set progression was the staple of every DJ's performance in the late 1990's and early 2000's. To a good degree it was an art form that a handful of skilled DJ's were masters of. it was the foundation of most sets.

I've always found the music that always stood out the most to me was music that took me on such a personal, spiritual and emotional journey. Can instrumental music really have that much of a profound effect on an individual? Can it become a way of life? After all, they say, music is the spice of life...

i hope to have recreated such an experience with this compilation. my goal was to emulate the journey traveled, with all its peaks and valleys, through sound and emotion all wrapped in 80 mins of some of the best electronic dance music. i had an amazing opportunity to work with some highly talented artists , many of whom are fresh, which makes this even more of a journey for myself and every one of the artists featured. i thank each and every one of you and i hope your work speaks for itself."

Sit back, enjoy and take part of the evolution.

Arnej presents Musical Evolution: The First Chapter

01. Arnej - Musical Evolution (Overture)
02. Grube & Hovespian vs Klauss Goulart - Territory (Celluloid Mix)
03. Tim Penner - Misuto
04. Bobina - Pune
05. Taras Bezev & Maxim Yurin - Play With Me
06. Arnej - No Turning Back
07. KHomHa - It Akts (Sunrise Mix)
08. Dave Emanuel presents DEH - Drop It
09. 1Touch - Jealous
10. Emin K. and Ansarov - Adrenaline
11. Balthazar & JackRock - Puerto Rico (Alex Di Stefano Mix)
12. Dyor feat Matthew Hill - On The Road (Ricky T Mix)
13. Leon Bolier - Vengeance Vengeance
14. Arnej vs Orjan - The Music Makers
15. 8 Wonders - X (Original Mix)
16. Ernesto & Bastian - Dark Side Of The Moon (Arnej Club Mix)
17. Morvan - Sahara
18. Deehec - Epical
19. Behind The Sunset - Painting Heaven Together 

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12 September 2011 23:53


  • +1
    VERJO [Re-Born & Verjo]  12 September 2011 23:59 #
    Отлично!! Поздравляю!! :D
  • +1
    SanchesBeat  13 September 2011 0:09 #
    Привет, коллега поздравляю ! ! !
    SOULBRINGER  13 September 2011 0:23 #
    Блин вы их реально свои треки на ксероксе штампуете. Я в шоке) Убогий тречок
      1Touch  13 September 2011 7:41 #
      Мы занимаемся немного разным :)
    No:Name  13 September 2011 20:17 #
    Мои конгритюляции!
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